[TRANS] 140801 JYJ Jaejoong, "Yunho fighting" public message is the reason of the fan's cheer OT5

JYJ's Kim Jaejong (28) sent a public message to Uknow Yunho (Real name: Jung Yunho·28) through the press after a long time.

Hence, the foreign Cassiopeia hallyu fans (TVXQ·JYJ fan) sent a burning response.

According to various media sources, somewhere last 30th in a formal situation, Kim Jaejoong himself appeared on the MBC Drama 'Triangle' which the 'Nightwatchman Journal' where Jung Yunho will appear is the successor of it.

In an interview, he said about Yunho, "It's going to be hard because it's his first historical drama" "One or two, a lot of stress will come," his worry about Yunho was expressed.

Also, he left a request, "Before together, the time when we had an activity, Yunho was dehydrated. Never forget to drink lots of water so your physical condition will stay good."

Through an American Hallyu fansite, the news was spread and the fans' reactions were explosive.

The comments of international fans were, "Oh my gosh, I want to cry now" "Too smooth! If you two will film a drama together, it's going to be good" "He's a true leader" "(This gave me) immense feelings. They have split (not together) and I was not aware that their hearts are still one. Yunjae! DB5K! Always keep the faith!" "His real feelings" "The reward for out wait♡" "Even after time, Yunjae's (still) real! My heart's really warmed up (T/N: touched)" "Saw how they take care of each other".

Japanese fans' reaction on twitter, "Also YunJae-yah (T_T) ♡ Show the fans so (we) can know" "Uknow Yunho and Hero Jaejoong's friendship is still there (cries) The waiting for their continuous exchange. For this reason, (I'm) really, really happy and moved" "In the old times, there are but only general messages. He did not only give a response, but gave a message about his worry about Yunho's health. In 5 years, this exchange made (me) happy," Jaejoong's response this time really was pleasing.

- parts about JYJ's comeback were omitted -

source: http://wowstar.wowtv.co.kr/news/view.asp?newsid=36944


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