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I'm Max Changmin.

There's no other reason but I'm giving you all a greeting like this is because Baseball player Lee Daeho, my junior singers that are CN Blue's Jonghyun, SHINee's Taemin and Secret's Song Jieun challenged me in the Ice bucket challenge.  I will point out the one who will do it next in this greeting.

Above all, I'm really thankful in having to participate in this event with a very good purpose. Again, my participation to help those who suffer from Lou Gehrig's disease and increase the awareness of people to be able to help and if we can all together give the strengths in our heart, I too want to participate in this meaningful and thankful event. So then, I too will have the ice poured on me.

Yes, thank you. So next, I will point out that three people who will do it next.  Forever the people's oppa of many, Kim Minjong and our immediate big senior, Kangta hyung.  If these two will gather and film together, it will be good. The last one is the one that I extremely respect, Kang Hodong.

Again, it will be good if everyone will give us a lot of support and interest.


source: http://tvxq.smtown.com/Link/Board/6880419


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