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@bornfreeonekiss2: Jaejoong spam on Instagram while at Vietnam

140830  #If we meet at 8pm, I will not eat you <#8시에 만지면 안 잡아먹아 먹지> http://instagram.com/p/sUQWg7EnmA/

It's hot during the day in Vietnam #vietnam #hot #hot #AhHot #jyj #JunsuJjang #YoochunJjang #jj #PrettyHat #Sweating JJ-gun who's anticipating the concert http://instagram.com/p/sUPwttknlI/?modal=true

@1215thexiahtic: Junsu tweeted after Vietnam concert

Rain-ya, rain-ya~ Thanks to you I really enjoyed it and had fun!! Ihihihihisihisisihisihi! I will never forget in my whole life this performance in Vietnam! Thank you rainㅎㅎㅎㅎ

<3hree Voices 3 August 2012> Interview: #Junsu
Q: What's your dream when you're a child?
- I don't have a dream. I really don't have. I didn't have one from the beginning...ah! I had one. My first dream was that I want to be a soccer player. I tried my best.

TVXQ on SMTOWN 2014 Information book

From the past, present and the future
There will be no artist as great as them."


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