[TRANS] 050609 "We'll continue to learn music" TVXQ 3rd single release interview OT5

The five member idol group 'TVXQ', to the older generation they're unwelcomed and not aware of their existence.

Called with the names "Seo Taiji idol' and 'HOT' too, they barely memorize 'TVXQ'.  Furthermore, (the members are) Uknow Yunho (19), Hero Jaejoong (19), Micky Yoochun (19), Xiah Junsu (18), Max Changmin (17). When you hear their names, you cannot distinguish whether the names are from a Hong kong film, that uncles and aunties say "Aigoo" while hitting their forehead.

**TVXQ. Upon the completion of the music, it is still divided in the argument about the identity. But, if they know that the new generation (T/N: TVXQ) will debut for only 1 year and 5 months without knowing that the older generation's social judgement will grow up to be a criteria.

At the release of their single 'Hi ya ya (Summer day) this 21st, we have found a place for an interview to give out five variety of questions to the five members.

1. What's the reason of returning fast (T/N: having a come back) in the korean stage?
Xiah Junsu -  Originally, the case for this single is that we're planning to only release it this time. Our second regular album will be released in September and we're intending to be fully active (for promotions) that's why we're waiting too hard for this month to come.

2. Are there times that having too many fans is an incovenience already?
Uknow Yunho - In the MBC Music Camp last 25th, the comeback stage was open (for public). I heard that you installed a multiscreen outside since there are hundreds of fans who were not able to enter the music hall because they have exceeded the allowed number. Of course, the fans have good viscosity but every now and then, there are also times when it's wrong for the fans to give too much support to us. (T/N: like it's harmful already to them and others). So every time, everyone is free to point that out about the different artist's fanclub members.

3. What is the key point of the third single?
Micky Yoochun - The title song ' Hi ya ya (Summer day)' was bought and made abroad. It was not a remake but an original composition. Last March 28th, we went to Bora Bora island in South Pacific and the plane went back-and-forth for only three times because it was really beautiful. With that, in this album, we included it so you can see and feel the 'nature'. Also taking charge of the song from writing until narration for hours in person, personifies the "you" that I have seen in "nature" in the island's "space". Meanwhile, many have said that the songs have a strong image. The summer single this time thoroughly might become popular but, we want the group to be able to have various personas, and you will see a variety of 'summer' images.

4. Your Japan activities, isn't it sluggish?
Hero Jaejoong - Our debut single in Japan "Stay with me tonight" was released on April 27th" hasn't entered the Oricon Top 20 single chart so we preferred it more. Rather than a group who suceeded in one shot, we want to be a group that will be recognized for a long time.

5. Do you not hate to be referred as an 'idol'?

Max Changmin - Actually, TVXQ is known as an idol goup. The term 'idol' is mixed with praise and criticism so I don't think bad of this term. Once more, even if you don't feel like it, you can neither change or deny that. Though simply because we only have to dance to music, we're not a group. When disclosing the fact that it's been 1 year and 5 months since our debut, many people will be surprised and say, 'You can only do that?". We're still a rookie. You know in the future, there will still be a lot of time that we will share with music.

** Consulted fluents about this and they really said something was 'off'. Therefore, I translated this by how it was written and how the words were used.

Source: http://news.donga.com/3/all/20050629/8204735/1


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