140619 TohoTreeTour in Kyocera Dome Day 2 TVXQ - 동방신기

  • Yunho's complimenting Changmin. Changmin's drinking the bottled water. (alcoroo)
  • YH smoothly following CM's hand gesture while talking. CM on purpose did more big gestures and YH continuously followed him. (alcoroo)
  • Yunho's Korean Lesson today:
    오래간만이예요 - It's been a long time.
    윤호를 만나서 기뻐요 - Yunho's happy to meet you.
    (윤호는 각꼬이데스) 윤호는 멋져요. - Yunho's cool. cr:alcoroo
  • Palupapan sexy version: (We saw) Yunho's belly slightly. Changmin pulled down the neck part of his shirt.
  • The hand gesture of Yunho when talking. Changmin's continuous movements around is very cute.
  • Yunho's last talk "TVXQ is here (patted his chest) everyone is here, do not forget (it), we will never forget it too."
  • Before the skit in Something, they had a pleasant talk w/ the female dancer. Yunho and Changmin held each other's hands.
  • YH: I'm not cute! CM: (Looks at the fans with serious face) Really (Looks at YH) you're not cool? YH: Changmin is sexy.
  • Final talk about purchasing SWEAT CM: Please buy for me. (serious face) It was a joke. Please don't misunderstand.
  • Talking about sweat ranking 2nd on Oricon Yunho: It was 2nd! Thank you!
  • YH said "Yunho's cool" many times.
  • YH: Forgetting about the other korean words is fine but please never forget "cool".
  • About The Giving Tree
    CM: People who knows-? (he sounded high)
    CM: Raise your hands now, okay!
  • Talking about SWEAT
    Yunho: Please do "eum eum eum eum" at the CD shop!
    Changmin: Everyone, please buy the CD!
    Yunho: Clearly don't say that.
    Changmin: No~ Shim is polite!
  • Changmin's last words
    Different/other areas are also like that but, I think hot people are gathered here in Osaka. To be surrounded like that by hot people can't be expressed by words enough. (I) was able to make wonderful memories once again. Thank you very much. (Including local dialect)
    Kyocera was very silent... tears fell during the "I'm going to reach you... It's my love song" part.
  • Cassiopeia and BigEast, two people's mind/heart was very much conveyed. Crying.
  • Yunho: Everyone! What's the title of this tour?
    Fans: Tree!
    Yunho: Today is the 27th performance (of tree tour) bu, everyone barely remembered Tree! (About the pronunciation)
    Changmin: In the least, it's not that difficult so why did it take so long (to get it right)? (serious face)
  • Miss you part
    Yunho: In 2006, this song, have you listened and watched a minute (of it)?
    Changmin: If we that time also received and have much love, shouldn't we do the dome concert. I do not think we'd want to? Yes. It's like that. fanacct: 1226_jamie ♥
  • (About Yunho missing the lyrics of Miss You earlier)
    YH: I'm sorry..
    CM: I thought it was my mistake
    YH: It's my mistake...


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