Daum post about TVXQ's ideal type in 2005 OT5

**These were all written by fans from what they know**

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Xiah Junsu and Max Changmin: Jeon Inhwa.
Micky Yoochun: Hwangbo and Kim Jeonghwa (easy-going, good woman with good figure etc).
Hero Jaejoong: Jeon Inhwa.
Uknow Yunho: Jung Jihyun^^

★ Source is MNET Interview
Xiah Junsu: A woman who has a pretty face.
Micky Yoochun: A woman with a nice body.
Hero Jaejoong: First feeling (when I see her) is that she's a good woman.
Uknow Yunho: Jeon Jihyun.
Max Changmin: A woman who has the confidence of a man.

It was from a magazine or TV^^
Xiah Junsu: A headturner.
Uknow Yunho: A woman who is not countrified but has sense.
Micky Yoochun: A tough woman.
Hero Jaejoong: (We know already) T/N: Jeon Inhwa
Max Changmin: A woman with pretty eyes.

Max Changmin: A cute woman.
Micky Yoochun: A woman who has a nice body.
Uknow Yunho: A wise woman who also has a sense and pretty eyes. If I would say, it'll be Jeon Jihyun.
Xiah Junsu: A woman with a beautiful face.
Hero Jaejoong: A headturner woman. Speaking of personalities, it's Jeon Inhwa.

Yunho's ideal type is Jeon Jihyun. I also heard that he likes bubbly and cute girls.

Hero Jaejoong: The woman who will make you feel that she's good when you first see her. (It's Jeon Inhwa)
Uknow Yunho: Sweet, cute and bubbly girl. Jeon Jihyun basically.
Micky Yoochun: A smart, healthy and easy going woman.
Xiah Junsu: A pretty woman who has a good body and does exercise well.
Max Changmin: Changmin is still 18 so he still doesn't know.

#Max Changmin

Characteristics: While having a lot of charms and being cute, she is also a good-hearted person and a person who enjoys eating food.
Celebrity match: Im Eunkyeong

#Hero Jaejoong
Characteristics: A woman who has a good first impression.
Celebrity match: Jeon Inhwa

#Micky Yoochun
Characteristics: An easy going girl with a nice body.
Celebrity match: Hwangbo, Lee Hyori, Kim Jeonghwa

#Xiah Junsu

Characteristics: A cute and sexy girl. When she exits and enters a place, she looks fantastic. She also has an athletic body and can play soccer with me.
Celebrity match: Hard to findㅜ__ㅜ

#Uknow Yunho
Characteristics: An intelligent and wise girl with sense.
Celebrity match: Jeon Jihyun

Uknow Yunho:
> A wise woman with sense (Everyone knows this is Jeon Jihyun)
> A girl with big eyes and long hair is good.
> A team leader between men and leads a life with charisma.
> I want to rely on my girlfriend who has confidence in taking over. (T/N: a girlfriend with lots of control yaaaas!)

Hero Jaejoong:
> A woman with a good first impression (10 years of unrequited love with Jeon Inhwa)
> An older one, same age, an unconditional "feel" of tenderness
> A woman who will surely rank first in the survey about taking her to an isolated island

Micky Yoochun:
> Easy going and tough girls
> A tall girl who can sing and dance a little bit.
> When working, she works hard.

Xiah Junsu:
> Woman with good first impression.
> Doesn't like women who smokes. (Remember that it's an advantage if you're a devoted Christian)
> A dream date with his girlfriend is to play soccer.

Max Changmin:
> Cute girl!

Xiah Junsu and Kim Jaejoong: Jeon Inhwa
Micky Yoochun: Hwangbo
Uknow Yunho: Jeon Jihyun
Max Changmin: Han Gain

SOURCE: http://k.daum.net/qna/view.html?qid=0B3xZ


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