051022 Do you know 'TVXQ'? OT5

<Only TVXQ related parts. Other questions mentioned TVXQ but, LSM's answers were not about them so I decided not to translate it at all.>

Q: How was TVXQ formed?
- With the links of S.E.S., BoA and Shinhwa, TVXQ was discovered through the radar of SM scouts. The children were gathered in teams or solos for activities. In Xiah Junsu's case, he was prepared to debut together with BoA.

Q: What do you think is TVXQ's competitive edge?
- It's simple. Their competitive edge is being able to sing and dance well. In other words, an edge of a singer is to be able to have those skills. I think that someone's interest can be captured if they are SM singers and new different faces who can do accapella.

Q: TVXQ was made while having the Chinese market in mind.
- In an instance, we jump from the Chinese market to the Japanese market. China is the way to enter the world. If having that is the first-class in Asia, the time of the first class in the world has to come. (omitted the part about conquering US)

Source: http://www.chosun.com/magazine/news/200510/200510220158.html


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