140917 Changmin with a fan at Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome TVXQ - 동방신기

4th day in Italy

Someone approached me at Castel Sant'Angelo
"Can you please take a photo (of me)"
Therefore, I quickley looked back (at that person)
Oh my it was Max Changmin in Romeㅋ
We were together for an hour since then
While waiting, we waited for the night view
He was a celebrity, I'm an alienㅋ

cr: Geun Park on fb

LOL @iruka0206 tweeted this and I just had to :p Idk if he posted it or not since I can't find his facebook but, lol. For entertainment purpose...I guess? XDDD

Someone asked me to take a photo of him and I saw that it was Max Changmin. (That time, I was holding a coffee) -> While struggling to take a photo, the coffee the guy was holding spilled-> Max Changmin was sorry and said that he would buy another coffee-> While talking and walking for two hours together since there was no cafe nearby, they finally saw a cafe and ate together because they were hungry.


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