140930 Just Us fansign JYJ - 제이와이제이

  • Fan: Hello~
    Junsu: Yes, helloㅎㅎ /then/ Arigatou Gozaimasu~ (thank you)
    Fan: Eh~ oppa I'm not Japanese!
    Junsu: Eh? What did I say just now?
    Fan: Arigatou Gozaimasuㅎㅎ
    Junsu: Ah~ I have thought for a minute that you're from Japanㅎㅎ Thank you~
    Fan: Yes~ thank youㅎㅎ!
    cr: xia_malgumi
  • Fan: This is the first time you looked at meㅠ
    JJ: Yes~? Ohㅠ
    Fan: So please draw a big heart here!
    JJ: /draws little hearts/
    cr: dpdms1215
  • Fan: It's going to be my first and last time that I'll see you...
    Junsu: Last?? Why??
    Fan: Now that I have graduated from college, I will go abroad.
    Junsu: (He looked at me and this time I was already at Jaejoong) Ah...really (sullen face)
    cr: dpdms12
  • Fan: I have been a fan since I was 9 years old~
    Junsu: Really? Thank you~
    (She forgot what Jaejoong said though when she told him thisㅜㅜㅜ)
  • Fan: When will you sing 2:30AM live?
    Jaejoong: Someday...?
    cr: sein0909
  • Fan: Oppa, do you still play cookie run?
    Jaejoong: These days? I still have many friends~~ (in that game)
  • While waiting for Jaejoong's sign, I looked at Junsu's side. I have thought that 'he's really good looking! (My first fansign) And when our eyes met, damn!
    Me: Junsu, why? You're too good lookingㅜㅜㅜ
    Junsu: /laughs so much/
    cr: sein0909
  • Fan: Hello~
    Jaejoong: Hello~
    Fan: I went to the Bangkok concert!
    Jaejoong: Oh~? Really?
    Fan: It's really perfect! Is Tom yum delicious?
    Jaejoong: It's perfectly delicious~ Jjang!
    Me: /laughs/
    Jaejoong: You came too far~ (bangkok concert)
    Fan: I'm happy to be under the same sky as you♥
    Jaejoong: Thank you~
    cr: saladdaysjyj
  • Fan: Do you not like double eyelids?
    JS: Eung~
    Fan: Why do you not like it?
    JS: Because~ (in a unique tone of voice)
  • Fan: Hi~ do you watch drama these days?
    JS: I watch 'Jang Bori is here' sometimes! [DC]
  • Jaejoong cried because according to the fans, a fan died after struggling with a disease. ;; (luvjey)
  • Junsu said this is the last fansign event. (huyu1216)


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