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All mistakes are mine, some parts were rephrased in order to be understood more and thank you @1226_jamie as always. ♥
La Festa performance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8E2p_r-kv-A

Last 7th in La Festa, KMTV <Show! Music Tank> had a public broadcasting in an outdoor stage. The recording started from 7:00 PM but the atmosphere was already at its peak during rehearsal which started at 4:00 PM. Even though the monsoon was at its peak, hundreds of female students who did not move an inch (T/N: stayed there for a long time) gathered and enjoyed the show.

"The show ended at 10 in the evening but the female fans did not even think of going back to their homes." To find today's public broadcast, more than half of the fans were students who came from different places in Seoul including Bupyeong, Incheon and other far places. Even though there were situation where they need to rush to go home, they will only leave and go home after they send off the singers.

The fanatic fans surround around the popular singers. There are times when the older generation cannot understand this and reacts in a way that the avid fans' image is considered like a social problem. However, the prejudice and boundaries in the eyes of the older generation against them was that the image of the fans you are going to meet at the event were 'culture' and 'hobby' that were both categorized as one. According to <Sunday Newspaper>, while the fans of the presently best and popular group TVXQ chased them together, their various images move to different grounds. (T/N: goes to different levels/extremes)

Last 8th at 16:00, we have looked for the whereabouts of SM Entertainment in Apgujeong, the agency where TVXQ belongs to. There were more than 50 fans who gathered and stayed around SM's office for the sake of meeting TVXQ up close.

Miss Kim Jiyeon (Pseudonym·20), a freshman in the University this year, together with other four people in the same age, spent time waiting and following TVXQ around in order to get close to them. They prepared a large puzzle picture frame made from TVXQ's photos as a gift.

Miss Kim explained, "We, 'Battle running Friends' (fans who cheers and look for starts on various public broadcasts) (T/N: fans who follow and wait for them at SM), came here to personally deliver this gift. Usually, there are more than 20 people waiting around there but since today is a day where TVXQ doesn't have any schedule, the number of the 'Battle [running]' friends increased [and they all] flocked [here]."

The fans separated themselves as the 'Battle running friends' and 'Privacy running friends' (those who wait for them at the office, salons, accommodations).

While waiting for TVXQ and wearing her school uniform, Miss Jang Sohyun (Pseudonym·17) with other four people were at [SM's] office around 1PM eagerly waiting for their arrival with [the thought of] 'Please come before it gets dark.' "TVXQ has no schedule and after the exams during the morning class in school today, days like this is a golden opportunity," said Miss Jang, brimming with confidence, who was starting to show impatience after 7 o'clock in the evening. And finally after 8:30PM, the 'idol' didn't show any signs of appearing so [they] went back to their homes only with disappointments.

At 9:30PM, it was the end of the wait. The van carrying TVXQ finally arrived at the office. However, the TVXQ members went inside without sparing them a glance. Miss Kim, who'll eventually deliver their gift personally [to TVXQ], and her group's dream all went down the drain. Nevertheless, [she] was satisfied at seeing them up close and Miss Kim Miss Kim delivering the gift through their manger must have appeased the inconvenience [of not being able to give it to TVXQ personally].

Now, it's the time to go home. But among the companions of Miss Kim, only two headed home while Miss Kim and her three friends started waiting again for TVXQ to come out. The second wait has started like this for them (T/N: people waiting for TVXQ)-- Miss Kim and the addition of about 20 people. While most of the 'Privacy running friends' surrounded the convenience store to buy bread, gimbap etc. to satisfy their hunger, they waited for them (T/N: TVXQ) to come out.

So again some time around after four hours, the manager [went out] first than TVXQ told the fans, "Because it's late, go home." The manager scolded them and the fans ran away with smiles on their faces. The manager talking about going home is a signal that TVXQ's coming out soon according to everyone's explanation. After about five minutes, TVXQ came out of the office to ride the van and head out to their dorm. This time, the members waved a little bit thus making the fans respond enthusiastically. At this time, it's 1:30AM.

The reporters arrived at KBS on the 9th at 11:00 AM in order to receive admission tickets at the broadcasting site of <Music Bank>. At the waiting room for those waiting (for the broadcast), I met Miss Kim again. All five people have gathered again; from the two people who went home earlier the night of the day before and Miss Kim, who parted from the reporter (T/N: the one talking in this article) around 2:00 AM, [together] with her other three companions.

Last night, Miss Kim and her three companions moved to the internet cafe. At 4:30 AM, they went to the Apgujeong Subway Station from the internet cafe, rode the first car [to the broadcast station] and arrived here a little bit after 6:00 AM.  And, once again, they have been waiting for more than five hours to get the admission tickets. There were as many as 10 fans who came earlier than them and at 11:00 AM, there were already about 100 people who gathered nearby.

Also, the another end of the wait was completed around 1:30 PM [when the] fan club officers who are females in their mid-20s kindly handed out and gave ticket numbers. The officers handed out the ticket numbers to the fans who would gather again at 3:30 PM in order of their seating arrangement. At last, they stood up from their seats and had a talk about having their meals.

▲The reporter who's doing an interview with the TVXQ fans who are waiting in front of the broadcast station in order to get admission tickets.

When it became 3:00 PM, the fans started crowding around the area at the front entrance of the singer's waiting room. There were clear sorrow in their eyes about wanting to enter the waiting room, one way or another.

Looking around the waiting room, a female fan approached and asked the reporter who came out from it who said, "I'm not a KBS employee." They were trying to request from the KBS employees if they can possibly have access and enter the waiting room. Well, the situation was really pitiful. Miss Lee Hwiyang (Pseudonym·18), living in Busan, together with her two friends went to Seoul with no definite plans and directly headed to Yeouido KBS in order to see TVXQ. But they arrived too late and [since] they do not know where the line is, they failed to get admission tickets. Moreover, the situation was that they they cannot see TVXQ come out because they booked a train at 10:00 PM. (<Music Bank> ended at 8:00 PM but TVXQ has a radio program appearance, they left yesterday past 10:00 PM)

This reporter who received a sign from the TVXQ members passed it down to the fans after taking in consideration [that it will] lessen the disappointment a little bit of the fans.

Ahead of the live broadcast at 7:00 PM, the entrance of the fans will start at 6:00 PM.  Before this, red TVXQ balloons were given to the fans around 5:30 PM and at 5:50 PM, and the admission tickets was finally given through the fan club officers.The faces of the fans were seen and did not look jealous of [those who] won the 'lottery' when they received the admission tickets at the end of the long wait of 12 hours.

A few days with them, a Journalist who has the purpose of trying to understand them cannot easily succeed. In fact, even though the continuous wait is not as easy as giving money, the star's reaction about them was too week.

The reason for the trends in society clearly exists. The recessive fan's image of wild illusions about the stars, whether or not is also encouraged by the flow of the society, it eventually comes into your mind that it seems that the older generation have made this into reality.


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