141118&141119 JYJ Dome tour in Tokyo Dome JYJ - 제이와이제이

DAY 1 - November 18, 2014
  • JS mentioned Hitsumabushi a lot of times+he wants to eat. He said, Hyung-ah let's eat tomorrow since it calms him LOOL (blackjacket_cl)
  • They were looking for male fans. Counting those until 19 years old. (blackjacket_cl)
  • The area behind Junsu's back was quiet (when looking for male fans).
  • Junsu was confused with the 20's-30's. (blackjacket_cl)
  • Those in their 20's are beautiful, and same with those in their 30's! KJJ disappeared. XD (blackjacket_cl)
  • JYJ's now in the main stage. (blackjacket_cl)
  • Yoochun was bending in the roving carts to look at something~ the fans probably. (blackjacket_cl)
  • Junsu was throwing the balls too enthusiastically. With too much force lol (blackjacket_cl)
  • Jaejoong was throwing two balls at a time. (blackjacket_cl)
  • During In Heaven - the picture effect at the Screen during the chorus and main part. If the main changes, it was sparkling/glittering then slightly disappears. Then it changes again when it's the chorus. Really pretty. (blackjacket_cl)
  • Yoochun was being a tease during Valentine lol #JYJ一期一会 (blackjacket_cl)
  • They said that there's only one song left #JYJ一期一会 (blackjacket_cl)
  • Jaejoong's mic stand earlier was red, decorated with white butterflies. (raphaela_www)
  • The video during Thirty was really pretty. It looks like it's the streets of soul. After it is a video of JYJ laughing loudly.cr: (blackjacket_cl)
  • They played the video of Incredible before Junsu performed it. (blackjacket_cl)
  • Everyone was standing horizontally on the stage during Get Out
  • Most of the fans in the venue were crying during Begin according to this fan. ;;
  • Junsu: I have received a lot of strength from everyone. Tomorrow, in Osaka, and Fukuoka too, let's do this.
  • JJ: From now on (___) YC: Ending (already)? JS: I like 40 the mostㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • 50's To Jaejoong: Dating is okay and it's not marriage but dating! So, it's okay!ㅋㅋㅋ JS: ...okay!
  • They shot Junsu's face close up about the one in 50's part and he said, "It's okayㅋㅋㅋ"
  • Oh they talked to a male fan who's 14 years old. Born in 2000. A millennium baby

DAY 2 - November 19, 2014

  • Jaejoong's hair today is parted in the center. XD (blackjacket_cl)
  • This fan said they sounded better today than yesterday.
  • Jaejoong did the opening again with too much energyㅋㅋㅋ (blackjacket_cl)
  • Jaejoong was humming Sai Ai, lol. Imitating Yoochun?
  • Jaejoong and Yoochun sang Sai Ai at a karaoke in JP together. (kjj_onlylove)
  • HAHA Jaejoong did a short dance when they're playing the accompaniment only in Ultra Soul. LMFAO. It was cute! (raphaela_www)
  • Yoochun wants to cut his bangs. However, the fans are against it. Hahaha RT @Runging1226
  • Yoochun pronounced Kyary Pamyu Pamyu wrong. He did it as 'Kyary Ppamyu Ppamyu" lol RT @Runging1226
  • Yoochun: I want to cut my hair... Fans: Ehhhhhhh?
  • Junsu's wearing tight shorts and a coat during Story. lol (blackjacket_cl)
  • Junsu changed into a red jacket!
  • Last phrase at the end of the vcr before So So - You and me. With love that will always not change. RT @Runging1226
  • During Found you, in the roving cart, Jaejoong knelt to look at the fans. (raphaela_www)
  • They want to know if what is the age of the most fans there. YC and JS said any age is good because they don't care about it really
  • Junsu threw his towel earlier and they said it doesn't have a smell haha
  • First, they looked for teenagers (10's). Then those in their 20's. Then 30's. There were lots of fans who are in their 30's.
  • Jaejoong: I am in 40's. 40's prideㅋㅋㅋ That woman who's from the 40'sㅋㅋㅋOh~
  • This male fan who's 20 kept on trying to get their attention lol
  • To the male fan who's 20 years old "How did you become a fan? Why do you like us?"
  • The friend of the 1st male fan was a male fan who's 47 years old. He became a fan five years ago which is 2009
  • Jaejoong: Will you remember to come before you're in your 80's?
  • Jaejoong did some aegyo and Yoosu lowered both of their heads lol
  • The remaining of the fans who didn't raise their hands are 50's and above. JJ: This is like the talk yesterday
  • They shouldn't see the boys when they turn off the lights but before Valentine, the light made them able to see JS's leg lol
  • Curious Junsu: Those who came yesterday, and coming again today. That's incredible
  • Jaejoong said that he'll do an old gag. Then he did, "Do yu koto? Shoyu koto!"
  • When introducing Lion Heart today: This was a song 4-5 years ago that was sang by this group. RT @chapapabug
  • Junsu: Who came yesterday? JS: Eh? Came yesterday and went again today? I don't get it..It's the same so why watch again, right? Right? Right? JJ: What did you say just now? cr: chapapabug
  • JS: To anyone who's here. There are many ages, everyone's ages, right? JJ: They're not many. JS: Then those whose ages are different than the singer's are many, right? JJ: Not that many. JS: ... (became stiff LOL)
  • Junsu and Yoochun doing aegyo to the crowd. Jaejoong to Junsu - Jaejoong: Can you be quiet......�� cr: chapapabug
  • When doing the Syoyu Koto gag... Jaejoong: Ah... there's no soy sauce... (sighing sadly) cr: chapapabug
  • Jaejoong and Yoochun is crying now too so they can't talk
  • This is the reason why people are crying. Jaejoong was crying first then Yoochun followed.
  • Jaejoong was crying to the point that he can't talk (to give the closing words).
  • The memories of the old days... Even if the time for today's live passed by, it will be a memory - 141119 Tokyo Dome Kim Jaejoong
  • Yoochun did a heart sign before leaving the stage RT @Runging1226:


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