141206&141207 T1ST0RY in Seoul TVXQ - 동방신기

Day 1 - December 6, 2014
  • "Yunho put one of Changmin's roses in between his teeth!!" OMG
  • They're doing the medley after they explained that T1ST0RY is TVXQ's history haha
  • Changmin was drinking wanter and Yunho said, "How did you come out of that video?" (he was trying to say coming from the back of the lcd screen i think). The moment Changmin heard that, the water gushed out of his mouth. CR: 5ILSE
  • Both Yunho and Changmin tore their pants so Changmin's the one who first said that he will change his clothes. He also diligently did a work out on his upper body (abs!)
  • During STL, since they always say the place of where they're having a concert in Japan, YH shouted, "Seouuuuuuuuuul!"
  • Yunho: Actually, this song is the last song.
  • Fans: AHHHHㅠ
  • Yunho: Why? What? What??? What what what what!! What?!?! Show you more!!!
  • Since Yunho's pants was ripped, he used the jacket to cover it.
  • Changmin quickly exited to change pants
  • Changmin placed the jacket on Yunho's shoulders.
  • Changmin: I thought it was only me...whose team was not afraid.
  • Yunho: I also got my pants torn.
  • Changmin: Everyone is our superstar.
  • Yunho: I am really happy that I became a singer!!
  • The most happy and wonderful moments. This show is just TVXQ. Dancing to ballads, Live acoustic and a good dance remix again, having a bright song next was perfect, and making the people laugh and cry during the talk. Your fans are happy. Thank you. cr:tvxqyoonmin
  • Oh this fan saw Jihye in the exit cr: ari3ming
  • This fan said a lot of people cried during Love in the ice.
  • "To summarize this concert i none word: For Cassiopeia, A part of Cassiopeia, Cassiopeia's concert." #T1ST0RYinSeoul cr: 020630
  • "I feel like Changmin only wanted to show off his body..."
  • Yunho wiped his sweat with the towel thrown by a fan on the stage. cr: tvxqyoonmin
  • Changmin saw an Ichigo doll in the audience so he danced Ichigo too. cr: tvxqyoonmin
  • "From now on, this has been TVXQ. Thank you!"

Day 2 - December 7, 2014
  • Changmin: Is that so because I want to take off my clothes quickly. He said this after Yunho said that they will do more ments.
  • Changmin saying it's the last song and fans are whining lmfao
  • Yunho: Did you have fun? I really, really, really had fun. <3
  • Changmin made a remark about us being an Ahjumma and Yunho said that nooo, we're just Miss. lol
  • When they're thanking the staffs and production and it's Shim Jaewon's time, Yunho: "Shim Jaewon~~~ come out~~~"
lmao there are more but I can't backtrack it anymore ;;


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