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INTERVIEW 「Affection of the three people's heart...really glad to be together」― Japan Dome Tour Commemoration

JYJ's Japan Dome Tour 「2014 JYJ JAPAN DOME TOUR~一期一会~(Once in a lifetime meeting)」was held starting on November 18th and 19th at Tokyo Dome. After the successful end at Kyocera Dome in Osaka on December 13th and 14th, this December 23rd and 24th welcomes the tour finale at the Fukuoka Yahoo Auctions! Dome.

In Kstyle, we have raised questions about JYJ for the tour finale. We received a lot of questions. The JYJ members personally gave their answers to some questions.  Marking the 10th anniversary, this interview is to reward for the stronger than ever bond of JYJ.

Questions about 「2014 JYJ JAPAN DOME TOUR~一期一会~(Once in a lifetime meeting)」!

Q. For this, please let us know your thoughts about holding the dome tour that marks your 10th anniversary for the first time!
Jaejoong: Even though there was this level of tension since this was JYJ's first Dome tour, the expectation was much bigger.  Many fans welcomed us from the moment we arrived at the airport, who cheered when they saw [us], we did not think when we are not going to repay this with a wonderful concert. We do not meet often, we are really thankful to the fans because the venue are still filled, and we are also having fun together. I want to work hard on the remaining performances while having fun together with everyone on the stage from now.

Q: During this tour, I would like to know if what was the incident that remained most in your heart.
Yoochun: There were two shows in Osaka and the next day after that was Junsu's birthday. The voices of the fans singing together on stage for the celebration. After the concert ended, we held a dinner get-together with the staffs and a birthday party. After this birthday, even though it was difficult for three people to gather because we have a schedule that follows [it], to be able to spend it together at this concert was really good.

Q. Among the songs that you are singing in this tour, what song is your favorite?
The first time to open publicly (T/N: let the public hear) the new single 「WAKE ME TONIGHT」 in Tokyo Dome! The single 「WAKE ME TONIGHT」 will be released in Japan is a song with an enjoyable rhythm, because it is a song with an atmosphere that everyone can enjoy together, we wish that the fans' heart will like it if they hear it. The album is still not released, I have been excited when it went public for the first time on stage, I was glad because the fans were delighted with it.

Q. The live was really the best! The moment you felt that you became one with everyone in the venue of this live?
I think the moment when I felt that was from the moment we climbed up from the stage until the moment we came down from it. Everyone who came from far places in order to see our concert, [when they] cheered with power and the venue was filled with the red wave. Singing one song, listening to a short conversation, the concert moment of communication with each other and the fans, [that's] when I feel that we became one with everyone.

Q. When the live is over, how much do you think of 'Ah~ I received love from the fans'? At what percent?
It cannot be expressed in numbers or adjectives. Even though I am not sure if how to express everyone's image, from the deep love by the fans, to be able to see everyone happy on the stage, I'm really happy, and I want to say thank you.

Q. Is there any other thing that you want to do in Japan besides from a live?
I have many friends in Japan, a lot of shops that I frequently go in too, I want to do a lot of this. I'd rather ask you in this way. Us three, where is a good place (not the city) in Japan where we can have a trip and can relax?

Personal questions to Junsu, Jaejoong, Yoochun!

Q: Junsu-ssi, please tell us the reason why you chose '空と君とのあいだに [Between the Sky and You]' as your solo song. I was really impressed.
I like the song personally, during the time when preparing the stage for the Japanese fans, when I was singing my own version of this song, this was how the song was chosen. The stage was rewarding because the reaction of the fans was good.

Q. Jaejoong-ssi mostly sings some old songs, how did you know and listen to these old songs?
Before, the time I've heard by chance '歩きたい (I want to walk)' while riding the car on a highway in Jeju, I felt really good when I listened to it. I have looked for a Japanese version. I know and felt alone that it's beautiful, I wanted to sing it somehow, I personally contacted the original singer who is Cho Youngpil senior. Many fans were glad to be able to be introduced to a great song like this.

Q. Yoochun-ssi received Five Rookie of the Year awards for your first movie '海にかかる霧 (Seafog)', please tell us your honest thoughts.
For one year this year, I have received a lot of love because of the movie  '海にかかる霧 (Seafog)'. The debut film, was filmed on the sea etc., I'm glad that I enjoyed filming '海にかかる霧 (Seafog)' [since] it was done in a different unfamiliar environment and because I think that I receive a lot of love from many people until now. Thank you to those audiences who cheered for '海にかかる霧 (Seafog)' and Dongshik, including many of you guys.

JYJ's bond...「It's very pleasant just being three people」

Q. What do you think of being fortunate to have activities of JYJ with three people?
It's really pleasant to be just three people. Because there were not much time to meet in Korea [because of] individual activities, it's been a long time that there's three [of us], I'm really happy to meet [with each other]. When three people do activities together than when doing it alone, mentally it becomes very willing. (T/N: Like the mind prefers doing the activities with three people rather than alone) The activities of the second full album in July and the start of the Asia tour, working together until the activities in the dome tour, it is always reliable, it's really good to work together with a reliable member.

Q. What is the topic (of the conversation) that raises up the atmosphere when you are three?
There are no particular special topics. Listening to the current status of each other, we talk mostly in the group chat room. Speaking beforehand about the interesting episode you want to talk about for a meeting, while watching the content together of the recently seen interesting movie or topic, or exchanging opinions, or watching together a Gag video…… there was really no absolute change before or now.

Q. 10 years have passed since your first visit in Japan, what do you think are the changes in 10 years?
[What] didn't change after 10 years passed by, I think it is the love we receive from the fans. While our most sincere and honest thoughts, being on the stage can be happy, when standing in front of the fans and talking confidently.

Q: Three people's 'Ties of the Heart (Bond of the Heart)' is strong, the feelings of each other personally, how do you convey it in words? Or, especially without saying, what is the feeling?
Yes. In some certain degree, when the eyes meet, I think it's beyond over the stage of feeling what you think. Now, listening alone to the conversations of the members with different people, it is possible like this to feel what he thinks. I know that you don't have to express it into words. It is the gap between being able to feel from not expressing into words.

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