[TRANS] 150207 Loving Yu fanmeeting at Beijing JYJ - 제이와이제이

- The fans should draw Yoochun within 120 seconds. He will then give a prize for that event. Yoochun made a heart over his head. About 80 seconds, he stopped doing the heart then the fans asked him to do it again! ㅋㅋ (DC PYC via mickynews64)

- The goal of Yoochun is to do a lot of activities. He said that these days, his greatest concern is to see the scenarios. He said that he wants to meet everyone through good works that are worthy. ^^ CR: DC PYC via mickynews64

- Because it seems like he's been receiving only love, he wants to convey it through this event: Loving Y U Awards cr: Heeeewon2


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