[TRANS] 150206-08 WITH Tour - Fukuoka TVXQ - 동방신기

DAY 1 - February 6th
“UltraTVXQ: 마지막 인사는 창민의 "감사합니다"” changmin's last greeting was 'thank you'
When explaining WITH, Yunho said it's Yunho with Shim.
( ′·J·` ) CM: Ah, my name is called Shim. I am Shim.( tvxqyoonmin)
Because Yunho rarely didn't show up...
(´・J・`) CM: Yunho-sa~~n
#VCR Yunho became a rocker in a band and an adventurer. Changmin was a bullfighter and a pastry chef. cr: tvxq_2street
When having a talk about Softbank, Yunho said if he should say the company name. Changmin coolly said "Softbank!" again. cr: tvxqyoonmin
Yunho: I really didn't know. Thank you. I'm happy
(changmin was the one covering the candles)
Changmin: Please quickly blow off the candles!
Opening MC
Y was late when they changed clothes
C: Teacher, I was waiting
Y: Is that so? CM, are you okay?
C: Not at all, there's no problem
<when the cake appeared>
Yunho: ...yes! It's delicious! Ah, leave this... Strawberries! I love strawberries!!!!


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