[TRANS] 150214 WITH tour - Sapporo TVXQ - 동방신기

Talking about the transparent bridge and their butt being seen by the fans
Yunho: So...it's not possible? Oh?! It's not possible?!
Changmin: You don't want to see Yunho's butt?
Yunho: My butt...it's quite okay...?
MC Highlights of the day
- Sam-san arrived at 6PM
- Yunho wants to go to the toilet
- Yunho looks awfully tired :(
- Changmin continuously correcting Yunho's grammar
- Sam-san's Rassun Gorerai
- Samui~ Sam-san, Atsui~ Achi-san (Cold~ Sam-san ; Hot~ Achi-san)
Yunho: When it's cold (samui)~ sa~mu-san! When it's hot (atsui), Achi~san!
Changmin: Ah~ he said it...
Changmin: The release is on February...
Fans: 25TH!!!
Yunho: How did you know that?!!
Changmin: It's because the information is already on the internet...
According to Yunho, Sapporo is... "The street of love, the streets of snow, my street"
Changmin: I get tired nowadays because I can't rest even for a day.
Yunho: Ah~ /aigoo/. Ah my Korean came out now. (laughs)
Changmin: HAHAHAHAHA Ah~ you really did it!
Changmin: TVXQ with Bigeast. TVXQ with Sapporo.
Lifted up the towel and looked at Yunho. Yunho noticed him.
Yunho: Ah may I do it, too? With You (pointed at the audience 4 to 5 times) Sapporo! With Me! It's weird.
Changmin: You said it's weird... (laughs)
Yunho: It's because of the bridge! Everyone also can see the inside well! But the bad thing is, it's transparent! It's transparent so you see my butt...
Changmin: Don't want to see Yunho's butt (laughs)
Yunho: ...my butt! What, the side is somehow okay!
Changmin: This is the team work of 10 years since debut.
Yunho: Shim?
Changmin: It's not Shim, it's TEAM!
<Encore ment>
Yunho: It's cold outside but it's really warm here because of everyone's love.
Changmin: Coming from now, by the way, I heard everyone's voices without the ear-monitor. It caused me goosebumps. I think it's that great feeling of everyone becoming one.
Yunho: I was worried. There are people here who took the plane that can't come. But, I was relieved to see everyone's faces here.
Changmin: The seafood this time in Sapporo was really delicious.
<Opening MC>
Yunho: Sapporo's distant love. The distant love of Sapporo, distance of courage...my distant Sapporo.
Changmin: It's really cold outside, right? It's snowing?
Fans: Not cold----!
Changmin: It's not cold? Everyone...aren't you weird?
Changmin: WE are?
Fans: T!!!
Changmin: Thank you.
Yunho: Everyone is my pride.
Yunho: Do you know the title of the song?
Changmin: Is it my imagination that I heard in the voices that SAKURAMICHI was mixed with I LOVE CHANGMIN!!!!
Changmin: It's okay.
Changmin: I can see well the movement of the people at the back (backstage).
Yunho: Show it here again!
Changmin: They're moving for a long time.
Yunho: In case you know it~ In case you know it~ Don't tempt me at the back~♪
Changmin: It's totally different with the original.
Yunho: The original version too and Yunho's version also is okay!!! It's the way Yunho is!
Changmin: .....
Fans: Chang~min! Chang~min!
Yunho: Do something too, Changmin.
Changmin: Then...
Yunho: Changmin will do a new gag!
Changmin: I won't!
<Yunho received the chocolate from their manager>
Changmin: Eh? Heey~ I received hate from the staffs~ (Meaning Changmin didn't receive any)
Yunho: Changmin's chocolate is in Yunho's stomach...
Changmin (embarrassed): I think the seafood this time are delicious~ SO far,
TVXQ: This has been TVXQ!
Yunho: Samui~ Sam-san! Achui~ ACHI-san! (Cold~ sam-san! Burning~ ACHI-san!
Changmin: Please stop because it's embarrassing.
Yunho: Even though I'm embarrassed too, it's for everyone to have fun!
Yunho: I want to do RASSUN GORERAI here.
Changmin: Please do it comfortably.
Spring has come so the strawberry snacks came out. They didn't know and was looking for the origin of strawberries but they had a hard time.
Yunho: It's okay. The strawberries will forever be in Yunho's stomach...
Changmin: Tomorrow~ I think it will come out.
Yunho: From here is a dirty conversation.
When Changmin did the RASSUN GORERAI~ Yunho's voice was not understood because of the fans' voices.
Changmin: This year is the 10th anniversary of the team's teamwork.
Changmin: When the slow Yunho hyung came...
Yunho: JAAAA~~ (rephrased) because it was relaxing when the Fukuoka concerts ended, I got confused more of the stage's design and the staffs assigned to it!
Changmin: It seems that you definitely can't memorize it until the end of the tour.
<Encore message>
Yunho: Even though it's cold outside, it's continuously warm here because of everyone's love. I think it will stay here (heart) forever. Thank you.
Changmin: ♪RainyBlue~ mo~ waaaaa~
Yunho: Rassun Gorerai, Rassun Gorerai♪
Bigeast: Ehhh~
(∵) I also received chocolates for Valentines!
(´◉J◉`) Yes???
(´◉J◉`) When???
(´◉J◉`) From who??
Yunho's last words:
(∵)b: Everyone's my pride
Y: I received chocolate!
C: From whom?
Y: From __
C: Ah~! I'm jealous! I didn't receive any!
Y: I got 2 so CM has a share in my stomach
Y: The Sapporo strawberries will forever remain in my stomach.
C: I think it will come out tomorrow.
Y: No, I can't go to the toilet again
Changmin: It seems that everyone terribly wants to go to the bathroom now. There's not much focus on the song... so I will work hard!!!
Yunho: Because waiting for the next songs are extremely nice and I will go to the bathroom.
Changmin: Then, please listen to calling.
Yunho: From the encore, you will have a good time.
Changmin: Did you really go to the bathroom?
Yunho: I passed the 100m record and came back from the bathroom. It was a really good time.
Changmin: Since you went to the bathroom, we talked earlier about the hometown of strawberries.
Yunho: I've been looking hard for it and then I came back not knowing it. Everyone investigated hard about it.
Changmin: What, are you okay?
Yunho: Really, the sapporo strawberries will forever remain in my stomach.
Changmin: I think it will come out tomorrow.
Yunho: No, I can't go to the toilet again!
Changmin: The next song is the perfect song to come again once more in spring. There are many things in spring.
Yunho: There is graduation, college, employment, new meeting and separation, too.
Changmin: This is the season of meeting and separation. So, it will be like doing new things.
Changmin: Then, even though it's possibly the season where worry and anxiety exists, beyond it, it's like walking with courage from now on and hoping to stop change by walking on your own.
Yunho: It will be good really in case you listened so you can adjust yourself for several things in your environment.
Yunho: Really, we made good memories when we went to Sapporo last year. Even though I was worrying on my own since today is the 2nd dome, I was worried because of the snowy weather and also to everyone who was not and here and wasn't able to go. I think it's good that I can see everyone's face properly. Sapporo is something warm.

Translated tweets from: ninoming64, ryuda_t, dopi_yjbrownie, kyoumo0206


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