[BIGEAST STAFF REPORT] 150221 (Title) Nagoya Dome Day 2 TVXQ - 동방신기

The specialty of Nagoya that Changmin likes、“Hitsumabushi”。However、since Hitsumabushi is being eaten many times as a snack、to Changmin who loves eels、he was sent a new specialty of Nagoya from the Bigeast staffs^^

Its name is、“Eel Burger”♪
As soon as the Eel burger came in sight、「May I eat it?」 he was in a hurry to put it inside his mouth、click!

This expression…(laughs)
Changmin really likes eels!

The second day of Nagoya dome、 thank you for the many support today also!
The heat of the venue is incredible、Changmin and Yunho too was drenched in sweat from the beginning!

「Today is the second day but、the day is sad。 It's because Nagoya is a warm city!

Thank you very much for today!」

「I'm proud thanks to everyone! Thank you very much!」(Changmin)

Tomorrow is Nagoya Dome's last day! Let's have fun everyone♪ 

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