[WITH TOUR] Premium Seat Message after the concert TVXQ - 동방신기

P seat Last message:

Thank you for coming to the live.
We protect and wait in this place now, everyone.
We can feel more and more of our special relationship this time through WITH tour.
It can be delivered directly to the heart but when you receive the 'heart' of one of our songs, I think I'm really glad.
Please come again so we could meet.

Us and everyone's WITH tour.
I really had the best good time.
There will be plenty of work and no success in this whole thing if everyone didn't stay.
We want to continously grow while tightly holding hands with everyone again and looking at the treasure which is receiving a lot of smiles and happiness from everyone.
Please look forward it.
Thank you for being together with us TVXQ always.
We are T!!

Message + JP - KR: Dopi_yjbrownie


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