150324 Nightwatchman's Journal Fanmeeting (3 sessions) TVXQ - 동방신기

  • NWJ fm 1st part ended. Yunho had bangs and was in a good mood. Neat black hair. He was wearing a casual black suit, pants & shoes. (yyyyym6)
  • The MC was Mr. Minsil. Most of the attendees were Bigeasts. He talked a lot in Japanese not because the attendees are Japanese.
  • The questions asked were already made (about the drama), except when they were joking for the fans. They're using Japanese even though it was hard, but the fans had a lot of fun. A lot of people kept on calling Yunho, so he kept on smiling towards the fans too. Yunho-kun's 'cute behavior of scratching his leg' according to the MC.
  • There were also a lot of Korean Yunho fans who went to the fanmeet. They counted Yunho's best action scenes.
  • 1st: 16th episode, confrontation with Jo Sangheon.
    2nd: 16th episode http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBtgRJZF-Qs (i think this was it lol)
    3rd: 4th episode, Museok practicing while wearing his purple costume!
    >Yunho was most satisfied with the confrontation with Jo Sangheon <
  • Yunho looked like he was aware of the number of his fans who attended the fanmeet.
  • Yunho's gift to the fans was him dancing and everyone went crazy XD
  • Yunho and Jung Ilwoo talked in Korean and the Koreans who attended it were all happy lol (dopi)
  • MC: Recent activities?
    Yunho: I'm preparing for With Tour~ (mina_leecm)
  • Yunho: We're going to be close soon because Sung is the same as Jung!
    MC: I'm also a Jung.
    Yunho: It's Three Jungs, right!!!
  • Last greetings
    Yunho: Yes? In Japanese? In Korean? Mixed?? So it's mixed.
    Then Yunho talked in Japanese and Korean.
  • While answering in Japanese...
    Yunho: Ah, Uknow came out.
    He said that in Korean suddenly!
  • Yunho: Even though everyone can see me right now because it's With tour right now, aside from it, I'm having numerous plans and preparations in order to show you a new image.
  • The fans kept on screaming KYAAAAAA when Yunho's talking in korean so with a low voice, Yunho said...
    (∵ ) WHAT! (뭐에요!)なんですか!)
  • (∵) 2nd floor! Ah~ R! C row
    (Big∀East) R? C? Where are you? (noise)
    ~Yunho silently gave the paper to Minsil-san~
    MC: R's 4th row! (there are two ways of reading 4, si/yon)
    (∵) Ah! It's yonyeol (욘열), not siyeol (시열)! [열 is row]
  • (signed poster) MC: Yunho, can you please read it?
    YH: 2nd floor, L (Left)
    Fans: KYAAA
    YH: C (center)
    Fans: Huh?
    YH: (gives paper to mc)
    YH: 1st floor...P section...3rd row...
    3rd row fans: KYAAA
    YH: In front of that. 2nd row, X seat
    > Possessed by SCM <
  • 2nd part ended. (about 30 minutes ago lol) Yunho's tension was different. He frequently looks at the fans from 1st to top floor.
  • It was the test filming when Yunho and Jung Ilwoo first met. Because Yunho came early, they were doing the make up for the drama and he was teaching the other celebrities Japanese. It seems that those are the unique Japanese words.  
  • Minsil-san asked if what WAS that and Yunho, while watching the audience's reaction, said it was Rassun Gorerai.
  • When Yunho talked about Rassun Gorerai, the fans reacted and Minsil-san laughed and seemed like he knows it too. The other celebrities don't know that so Yunho watched them with an anxious expression. Yunho said that it was a popular gag in Japan.
  • They picked the three most memorable scenes. Yunho said the 16th episode scene with Yoon Taeyeong was really good, so he picked it for the memorable scenes list again. Yunho's reason was that YTY guided him well when they were using the sword together 'cause you can be wounded while using that.
  • Yunho also picked the scene where he was crying. He was TOO IMMERSED in crying that he didn't notice it until his mucus came out. He said that they filmed it for more than 5 five times. He also had troubles shooting it, but it was okay since Yunho knows that a lot of people loved this scene.
  • The last scene was the killing scene. The reason why Yunho remembers it the most was when he was spinning the sword. It was his first time using a sword, but it didn't look like it 'cause of his good expression. His hand was in pain after filmingㅠㅠ
  • The present for the lottery was a signed poster. Jung Ilwoo was the one picked the winners but since he can't Japanese, he asked Yunho to read it. The MC said that Yunho would be the reading everything and Jung ws studying the fans' reactions.ㅎㅎ
  • Yunho promised to teach JIW Japanese but there was no time. MC said now is the time and Yunho taught /Rassun gorerai/ ㄱ__ㄱ
  • Lottery
    YH: X section, X row please raise your hands... it's the row in front of you. Changmin's doing this sometimes, right.
    Fans: KYAA
    MC: Yunho got a bad influence.
    Yunho: Today, I'm Yunho that's a little bit bad.
  • Signed poster raffle
    (∵) 3rd floor 12th row 18th seat!
    (∵) It's the 17th seat in front of you! I'm trying to follow Changmin♪ [dopi]
  • Ilwoo: Yunho promised to teach me Japanese when I come to Japan.
    ( ∵ ) Uhmm.. So here...Rassun Gorerai? (dopi_yjbrownie)
  • Museok's best 3 scenes!
    3rd: Museok warning his uncle
    2nd: Museok's death scene
    1st: Inhwa's (sister) death scene
  • Yunho did a heart using his fingers >u< (ujina_uknow)
  • Fans: Cuteeeee~!
    Yunho: It's coolㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • YH: I can do Japanese but since Jung Ilwoo is with me today, I'll speak in Korean. Today is korean, I will work hard! 


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