150326 Park Yoochun: Kim Jaejoong who's enlisting ahead, seems to be a little bit depressed. JYJ - 제이와이제이

Park Yoochun, who will appear in a drama after one year, told his honest feelings about JYJ member Kim Jaejoong's enlistment. Park Yoochun said through the interview with the magazine @star1 that was published this 26th, "I learned the exact date (enlistment) through the news articles," and, "The person concerned (Kim Jaejoong) seems to be a little bit depressed but do not worry."

Park Yoochun followed, "In fact, since this ground (entertainment industry) that we are living at is a little bit different from the general society, I can be worried a little bit about the part of adaptation." He also mentioned, "I'm a little bit nervous also about the point of enlisting in 30s, but all will be well because it's good that Jaejoong-hyung is very friendly too and it will do him good with others. I believe that they said, "It will come."

In addition, Yoochun said, "When Junsu's concert also ends before Jaejoong-ie hyung enlists, the three of us will gather once again soon." "There's also a plan to send him off. First of all, I will go shoot 'The girl who sees smell', but I'll try to go as much as possible to his enlistment day even if I need to adjust the schedule," he said.

On the other hand, Park Yoochun is also planning to enlist this year. But right now, his worry is the filming of his drama rather than the army. Park Yoochun explained, "Anyway, I think it's okay to think this nicely as long as I will still must go to the army." But, "In fact, my worry right now is entering the new drama compared to the army. The filming started a little bit earlier than expected."

Report of the return of the Romantic Comedy King Park Yoochun's new drama 'The Girl Who Sees Smell's first broadcast will be on April 1 (Wednesday) at 10:00 PM.

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