150328-29 The Beginning of the End JYJ - 제이와이제이

"I will return well~
K I M J A E J O O N G"

"I will return well~ (logo) Thank you for coming today!!

3/28: The happiest "us" in the world

3/29: I will go well~!! Salute!!

"Whether you wait or not
I'll appear again (:

"Because of you,
the wait is exciting"

"Our rubber shoes
Jaejoong-ah you
take it all!

"Even the waiting time for us is spring"

The time we meet again

  • JJ: Although I'm feeling sad because this is the last before I enlist, let's dance and sing brightly and cheerfully today. ♥
  • Jaejoong made the fans sing the last part of Let the Rhythm Flow.
    그게 나야 Give me your heart
    That is me, Give me your heart ♥
  • JJ: I also gained 4kg without dieting. It's because I eat and drink everyday. (laughs)
  • Jaejoong saying "All together~" always and then the fans will be the one singing "Now is good" ;~~~;
  • JJ: This is the last concert before I enlist. Everyone, don't feel sad. I prepared a lot of fun songs today. I prepared 2 particular songs from my new songs. The songs will sound better when I'm in the army.
  • Jaejoong on how to use the lightsticks: "Just hold it above your head, don't shake it" lol
  • JJ: I'm really happy that a lot of people called my name. ;;
  • JJ: I think that there will be an opportunity to meet everyone after the army. I'm looking forward to it. The last song, I'll protect you.
  • Jaejoong: I'm sincerely thankful of you T____T
  • JJ: This would be the last concert before I enlist in the army so it would be good if the atmosphere didn't show it. (daum)
  • JJ: Everyone is jumping with passion, so please allow me to show you a stage that can shake you. (daum)
  • JJ: Even though I enjoyed it w/out any regrets, it's still the sad hearts of the fans. I want to restore the passion again 3 hours ago.  I wish to return soon so you'll not cheat on me. (daum)
  • Jaejoong: "Saying that you're not alone because you've been always at my side during my teenager years, I think that you cannot replace being the best singer with anything. I am feeling sorry for the future time, and I think that I will miss you. As if a wealthy man with a lot of memories, I'm expecting a different story of ours again. Thank you to the fans who are like my friends and lover, thank you and I love you."

  • Jaejoong: the number of seats increased today compared to yesterday so please get along with them lol
  • Jaejoong went to the stage again and said "I'll be back well!"


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