150402 Tohoshinki WITH tour in Tokyo Dome TVXQ - 동방신기

DAY 2 (Didn't translate on the first day^^)
  • Before the "I'll protect you" line in Love in the ice, it's like you can see in Yunho's eyes 'all the sufferings and pain in this world". His eyes looked like he will protect Changmin. ;; (020630)
  • Yunho: I will not cry today because I promised myself that. I only cry when I'm the happiest. I'm very happy today because of everyone.
  • Changmin: The best gift in my life is meeting everyone. I am a blessed person. (tvxqyoonmin)
  • Y: Everyone. WE ARE?
    Fans: T!
    Y: We'll meet again.
  • Changmin: Thank you. See you again.
    He said this in korean! ;; (020630)
  • Last day of With Tour ;~~~;
    Start: 18:00
    End: 21:41
  • Changmin: Thank you (in Japanese). Let's meet again (in Japanese)! (tvxqyoonmin)
  • Changmin: Staffs, that's too much. Showing photos like that. I always sound like I'm mad, but taking photos with smiling faces like that...I'm sorry that I'm always doing what I want. I am pitiful. (tvxqyoonmin)  
  • "Why are you wailing since WHY?.. WHY? is not a song where you'll cry, right" XD
  • After Changmin sang Forever Love
    Yunho: Clearly, I want to sing everything one day. I want to sing it. Let's sing.
    Changmin: ...Yes.
    Yunho: It's because I want to sing someday!
  • Changmin: Cassiopeia in Korea, and Bigeast here...I don't care at all. I'm really thankful to you for giving me this dream. (ksi0817)
  • Yunho: I'll return soon! I'm still here! Because... it's because everyone is here. (ksi0817)
  • Changmin saying this while crying and smiling.
    "The most precious gift in my life is meeting everyone. I received this blessing." (ksi0817)
  • Yunho: I really don't know what to say in a situation like this now. Uhmm...you'll not be able to see a Tohoshinki live for a while. While waiting for us, I wish everyone to be healthy. When we come back again, we are back. I will say, "I'm here"? Promise. I will come back really soon. Here! It's because everyone is here. Please wait for me. (ksi0817)
  • Yunho: I cried a little bit right now. The times when I don't really cry are a lot. I promised myself not to cry... but today... I really cried? I'm supposed to only cry during happy moments but...thank you. Everyone! You cried...? (ksi0817)


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