[TRANS] Story of the memories with my celebrity friend Kim Junsu (Xiah Junsu) JYJ - 제이와이제이

Year 2002, freshman year at HwaSu High School in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do.

There are more than half of a ten, or even if they are from the same class, it's not easy to remember the names or faces of each other though there was no choice but to be called like a friend in the eyes.

Because our school that time does not allow the students to choose their own hairsyle, the Student Supervisor (now as Supervising Student Teacher) was reminded of the LTE by the teacher so we quickly came together at the school gate that was tightly guarded.

Then one day, 'Student Teacher Supervisor, are you color blind by any chance?' somebody asked and it happened when we were on our way to the school when we started to doubt it.

Us and the classmate of one guy confidently went to school with a long hairstyle dyed blond, and passed through the school gate and brightly greeting the Student Teacher Supervisor!

"Oh, yes!"

The friends who witnessed the scene were suprised, gave exclamations as if they are reciting poems.

"What? (なに? Na-ni?)"


Some ofriends were listening to his talk as if his explanation is trivial.

"Ah~ since that guys is an SM trainee, he received permission from the school because he is an aspiring singer, so he attends school in that way."

"Ohhh! SM? Ohhhh!"

We have two classmates who are trainees of SM Entertainment in our school that time. Their name was Kim Junsu and Lee Hyukjae. I was thinking that it was awesome. So the name Kim Junsu was imprinted on my mind for a second. The time passed by, we already became sophomores in High School.

In the new school year, I was first assigned to a new class. They gathered and sat down together since most of them were close since their freshman year. I was busy to chat with them. I was glad to see without any reason that the guy Kim Junsu was sitting alone in the same class. Kim Junsu became my friend like this during my schooldays.

(Left: Lee Hyukjae, Right: Kim Junsu)
> Digression

One of the female fans of TVXQ will say this in the future.
"Ah... if you want to be born again, I want to be a part of this guy."

A shining part of Junsu's schooldays in Hwasu, a photo of Junsu taken on campus was made public.

The girl on the right is the class president of our class.
Because it was 2003 that time, 11 years passed and she is now a married woman.
(+ other information about him and this girl that is unrelated to Junsu)

> End of Digression <

The new homeroom teacher entered the classroom and informed us that they will change the sitting arrangement. She came prepared with a draw lots.
Because it was a coed class, there were lots of people who wrote names of women.  The papers of male students were chosen and there was a very cool rule that you can be seated next to your best friend. The boys were excited and gathered around the lecture desk excitedly. The lots were pulled out one by one, when it was mine, the name 'Kim Junsu' was read.

"Oh? (laughs)"

I started translating it last February, but I became busy with my studies so I had to take a break. Unfortunately, the original blog post was deleted during that time, so I'll not be able to finish the translation of this post anymore.

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