150413 Junsu on EBS Space Sympathy JYJ - 제이와이제이

EBS Culture Critic: I think larger concerts mean a lot because he can show only his singing ability as a musican compared to performances. Getting out of the idol splendors, he demonstrated his abilities as a musician.

Given the chance to come out in a program like this, first of all, thank you very much to EBS' President. I want to say my message of thanks to the Space Gonggam's writer and PD. It feels so good hearing my voice in a small theater like this.

Junsu: I like to sing songs with a band and some simple instruments. Thinking about my appearance here, it would be good to communicate closely with the audience in the broadcast. I think that I wouldn't be able to do it if this is not a broadcast. It would not be easy unless I am forty. Every single scene fills up in my eyes. This would be a good memory.

Junsu: Even though I'm a singer, this is XIA who would be giving you a message through a music program after six years. I was having vague ideas of wanting to try a concert in Gonggam where only my voice like this can be heard, so it felt good since it was like a dream come true.

Junsu: It's the first time since my debut for 10 years to sing in a close place like this (with the audience). It's awkward, but taking the chances of this distance, I would like to communicate with everyone.

Junsu: It was a long wait. Today is 'Genie time'. This is the time where I will hear three various wishes of the audiences. It's wrong if you would think that I am not going to do it today. The 'Genie Time' now became a corner that I'm more concerned and burdened with compared to the basic setlist.

Junsu:  I'm struggling to remember since I don't remember if when did a moment like this come. Now, I would remember even the atmosphere here at Gonggam. It's really good.

Junsu: I thought that I would never have chances with broadcasts or anything if I don't have everyone. I view everyone as the reason I am still able to sing until now. Everyone made space for me until this moment. Until this time, this place was made by everyone. So, I would treat this stage as a treasure with all my heart. Thank you.

Junsu was crying and was not able to sing the encore song, Uphill by Yoon Jongshin, so he asked if they can stop the recording for a while. The fans were also crying. Kim Junsu won the stage again after receiving a huge applause from everyone because of how he was able to understand the song (Uphill).

Junsu: I wanted to make an album and concert for a lot of fans who stayed, and to those who supported me until here. It was really difficult. It's hard to be able to stand on this stage. I am thankful to those who walked with me up to this stage, everyone who experienced a lot of changes with me- this would be an unforgettable time.

Junsu: Everyone, you have to remember this day. I want to remember this always as the videos will be there one by one. I would remember even the atmosphere of Gonggam. I'm feeling so good right now.

The reporters are really interested about this. The seats are only limited so the reporters are in the hall. Screens were put up in order to do a live stream somewhere at EBS in order to accommodate them.

I'm recording a music show after six years. Honestly, I thought that I would never have the chance to be on music programs again. To be able to stand on this stage, I would like to thank everyone again- the EBS President and Space Sympathy PD who helped by allowing me to be on TV.

I'm really surprised now. The fans are beauties compared to what I have thought. Of course, not that I said they're not beautiful, it's not like that- I've never seen them this close. If there's an average appearance, they would be more than average.

(After singing 11AM) Junsu:
I haven't been on broadcasts for 6 years... so I haven't sang it. I did it because Space Sympathy is a place where anyone could come. I'm feeling good so I sang it.

The reason was when I heard the lyrics of this song during the song selection for Mozart. The condition  was really difficult with my mind that time. Besides, my big fear of standing on the stage in a musical can't be seen in the songs. But listening to the lyrics of it, I want to shout these words to the world: "Love does not imprison you. Love is to become free." You have to endure the pain also sometimes, but I wanted to shout at the world that, "That is love."

Junsu: I wanted to refute the articles of journalists and the eyes of the public about me that time. You should have a happy expression while listening to Golden Star, but I didn't. I always cried. I remember crying when a newbie like me shouldn't even though I still did. I remember crying even though I need to suppress, and suppress myself from doing it.

I was not able to do broadcast activities for 6 years. As a Korean singer, the point of not being able to come out in Korean programs was really difficult in a lot of ways. Of course, we have to come out a lot before, so I cannot cancel it since it was my top priority. The situation now of not being able to come out even if you have many contacts- they would ignore it even if we come. Meanwhile in the album, who would come out this time with more than ten songs in it. Honestly, it took a lot of courage and challenges for me and my agency. Even those who can be on broadcasts are reluctant to have this type of album, it's hard to know if we would be on shows even if we make albums. Because of all the people who are continuously watching me here and on TV, and a lot of international fans, I was able to come up with an album, have concerts and endure everything until the stage today. It was really hard. I didn't know why is it so difficult like this to stand on the stage of a broadcast, but today was a time that I would never forget. I will sing on this road where I'm walking together with everyone who are also experiencing a lot of changes with me until the stage today.

<Space Gongnam Setlist>
1. Love is Like a Snowflake
2. Reach
3. 11AM
4. Golden Star
<Genie Time list>
1. Number from Elisabeth musical
2. 이슬을 머금은 나무 Dew-laden Tree
3. 돌고 돌아도 (Even though I turn around and around)
5. Butterfly
7. Flower

Credits: @EBSstory, News articles, Setlist was from @UH_2606
Translated by: paulisteu / aiwomotto.egloos.com



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