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Hello : )
This is 東方神起's representative.

MBC Drama
< Scholar Who Walks The Night >, where Shim Changmin (Max Changmin) is appearing at, ended its 2nd episode a while a go. Did everyone have fun?

Following it, this is the "Scholar Who Walks The Night" that is gradually becoming more interesting~ Still, even though Heir 'Lee Yoon's appearance was not seen that much, it's the start now (of seeing him more)~~~^^

We would like to thank you if you are watching the future participation of Heir Lee Yoon, which is Shim Changmin's (Max Changmin) role.

And, while thanking all all the fans who sent a lot of support even in the press conference of "Scholar Who Walks The Night" that  was conducted last July 7th,

Let's not forget to must.watch.the.broadcast every Wednesdays and Thursday at 10:00 in the evening~~!!^^

Thank you.

Translation by: paulisteu / http://aiwomotto.egloos.com


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