[U-Know] We are.. going to meet again ^_^* TVXQ - 동방신기

To. Cassiopeia And Bigeast fans~♡

Everyone~♬ Hello. This is Yunho.

Finally, I'm going to be enlisting~♬
By the time you see this letter, I entered the army already and would probably be receiving my trainings??

Right now, I'm having the last farewell party with my friends and acquaintances at my house~ The words are coming out one by one as I write it like this..

We've been together from the really hard days, fun days, happy days, and a day like this is already here ^_^* I was a student... And I'm going to the army now.. (The reason is probably because I'm 30??) Looking back, I have a lot of things I am sorry for. ^_^*

Actually.. I wanted to say goodbye to everyone before I go to the army this time, but I'm not Uknow Yunho now, like the normal Jung Yunho at first who was dreaming of becoming an Artist.. I want to grow and start again.. That's why I entered quietly like this. I would probably have become weak if I saw everyone again..

I've always been working hard with my own style, but when I get discharged from the army.. I will return as a reliable and much more cooler monster!

Thank you so much for supporting me always even until now...
Please support me always in the future also..
Promising that we will meet again when I'm on stage...
We are... going to meet again ^_^*

I love you..


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