Max Changmin, "Uknow Yunho's enlistment, would surely comeback as TVXQ" TVXQ - 동방신기

Max Changmin spoke about Uknow Yunho's enlistment.

TVXQ's Max Changmin attended alone the SMTOWN Live concert held at Kyocera Dome in Japan last 25th. This concert showed Max Changmin's first appearance after Uknow Yunho's enlistment last 21st. Max Changmin talked about Uknow Yunho's enlistment, "This is Osaka Dome where the two of us in Tohoshinki had a lot of lives for several times. I know that everyone knows it, but (Uknow Yunho) was gone already. It was a duty that you have no choice but to do."

Max Changmin ahead of his enlistment also said, "I will also go soon. So Osaka Dome personally became a special stage to me. I want to make pleasant memories because this is the last dome concert of Changmin in his 20s."

He added which received applause, "I'm saying this sincerely, but 2 years like this in the warm Osaka? I don't know if to which extent that period will be, but I feel sad that I cannot come. I want to stand in this place in Osaka Dome again as Tohoshinki."

Meanwhile, Max Changmin was accepted in the police force and will enlist this year. He is currently appearing in MBC Drama 'Scholar Who Walks The Night."

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