091109 Heaven's Postman Movie Preview Event JYJ - 제이와이제이

Jaejoong: Hello. Ah~ it's more comfortable here. I...what should I say? Hello. Ah, a while ago...I was interviewed by journalists just a while ago... there were many cameras there...so I was nervous. (laughs) Have you been well?
Fans: Yes~
Jaejoong: What have you been up to lately?
Fans: Thinking of you~
Jaejoong: Thank you, really. Ha~ No, I was really nervous earlier. Because I came to this place, it's the same as the tension disappearing. Haaa~ Yes... (laughs).
Fans: (suddenly screamed) I took the SAT! (Another fan) I also took it!
Jaejoong: Ah well, first of all...
Fans: The Teacher Certification Exam!
Jaejoong: It's for high school seniors? Since you will be busy... (laughs)
Fans: I came because of you~
Jaejoong: In time...
Fans: Ohhhh~~~ what~~
Jaejoong: I didn't say anything, why are you doing this? (laughs) In time, you'll get questions.
Jaejoong: It's a bang. (laughs) First. This work earlier...I watched the movie already, I had fun when I watched it. While watching...I didn't know that there was a cheesy part in the middle of it.
Fans: Kissing scene!
Jaejoong: The kissing scene was fun.
Fans: Ohhhh~
Jaejoong: And...if you will hear this part in the end with the words, "In my dream?" That line...was interesting. I hope you'll watch it with fun while smiling a lot. It was a hard time...
Fans: Ohhh~ cheer up!
Jaejoong: It was a hard time, but I apologize because I caused everyone to worry a lot.
Fans: Cheer up! Cheer up~
Jaejoong: (laughs) This is a secret, I'm sorry that this was a secret, but...sometime ago...I had a chat when I went on DNBN.
Fans: Wahhhh~ kyaaaaaa~
Jaejoong: I went there as Kim Jaejoong. Just what was I doing to myself. No... If the members write our real name, we shouldn't do that? (laughs) I'm just doing it. But...Now...I changed my name again. With Jaejoong. So...it's because I was really curious. Thinking of what you are doing. I know that you're worried now... It's just that there's currently no opportunity to meet everyone. I want to also talk to you... Now... in a place like this...there's nothing outside on the internet. So in his movie preview, to the directors... I was so pleased because there is a room to greet everyone together. And although we can't have a serious conversation in this place, yes... seeing my face, talking a lot, I hope you'll smile a lot with this piece of work amidst all the worry. So Hero Jaejoong is the main character, right? It was because of you all... (laughs)
Fans: Waahhh~
Jaejoong: I hope you'll watch it enjoyably. I have to go...
Fans: Nooooo~~
Jaejoong: I'll leave.
Fans: Don't go~ Don't go~
Jaejoong: (laughs) I do not want to go too...
Fans: Don't go~ You shouldn't go~ Let's watch it together!
Jaejoong: (laughs) I...hope you'll have fun watching this. Please continue to wait and support me a lot. Thank you.

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