[TRANS] 150826 Park Yoochun Ahead of Enlistment: "Two- year gap? Time to look back at myself" JYJ - 제이와이제이

"It's only a few days today? Wow! Time already went by like this?"

While he signed next to his thumbmark, Park Yoochun burst out laughing 'puahaha' when he playfully pretended to cry when he wrote the date. We had a meeting beforehand in order to do his hand printing for his qualification as the winner of the Best New Actor award in the Blue Dragon Film Awards last year. It is sad because he cannot attend the Blue Dragon Film awards and Hand Printing ceremony this year with his enlistment, his busy schedule would be divided. It was still a few days left until his enlistment on the 27th, but Park Yoochun's expression is relaxed and languid. "Seol Kyung Gu-hyungnim, let's have a drink before my enlistment. We will drink soju with chrysalis soup, right. I will probably die halfway. Haha." The time of his return in his burning send-off as an ordinary young man in his 20s is drawing nearer. Park Yoochun wants to look back at himself away from the people's eyes. It seems like it will be a rest, which means to him - who is increasing his depth as an actor and a singer - is his two-year military service. I asked Park Yoochun about his thoughts and plans on his enlistment.

- Are you worried or afraid of the military life?
▶ Actually, I would not be worried. Since it will be very different from the environment I have lived over the past 10 years. I know that ahead of my enlistment, but while busily working for over 10 years, I had the thinking that I want to have a rest since I am going to leave this field for a while. But, I realized some time ago that that thought itself is wrong. While filming the movie 'Lucid Dream,' I shared a talk about the army with Go Soo hyung. Go Soo hyung was confident that he'd do well before his enlistment, it actually became the reality, so he said the process in becoming an ordinary person was unfamiliar and hard. He said that it was like when he had a meal when he went to Jeju island for a trip once when he's alone, and it was like you are protected in a group of students who returned home from school. The grandmother in the restaurant who saw him at the end said, 'It's difficult since why did this person is in the TV come out,' I realized that it was not an option to us living ordinarily. I also spaced out like getting it in one strike while hearing that conversation. Having only an ambiguous heart ahead, I also wanted a normal life.

- With a few days left, how did you spend the life of a 'civilian'?
▶These days, I am hardly at home only. Some time ago, I went out drinking at 11 in the evening because it was the birthday of a hyung whom I am close to, so I returned home at 12 midnight. Even though I decided that I would really properly play it, my mind is not following it. I only had the thought of wanting to just rest when I go home.

- How was your enlistment date decided?

▶ I was originally going to enlist earlier , but I waited a little bit because I must do more work. I also had to earn a little bit for the company and myself. Haha.

- You received public service because of your asthma.
▶ I also want to go into active duty. The period of active duty is also shorter by 4 months. I've undergone reexamination for the medical exam, and I finally received the decision of public duty service because of my asthma. I didn't know that asthma is a dangerous disease. I stayed in Jaejoong-ie hyung's main house when we received a one week vacation during the time we had a lot of activities for quite a while in the past. I suddenly had a rest from work for working hard, and because I had a hard time breathing, I collapsed. I went to the emergency room with Jaejoong-ie hyung and his parent's help. That time, I really thought I'd die.

- I heard that you had injuries in your body when filming. Did your waist and rib injury got better?
▶ (while about to cry) It's not a lie that I'm really not fine. My shoulder muscle got torn, so there are times when the pain would
momentarily come as I am pulling out a chair, and it will for hurt for a long time. It's really painful, but it seems that my company (t/n: he called them family members) don't worry that much. Hahaha.

Not long ago, Kim Jaejoong who was serving the army went out for vacation, so did you meet?
▶ I've never really drank a lot of alcohol for a long time. I think that we were drinking until morning. But, Jaejoong-ie hyung didn't like going to bed at 10 PM in the army. I don't remember anything since that time. Jaejoong-ie hyung went to bed around 12 midnight, and I remember him getting up early morning next day like a habit.  Junsu joined us after his musical, but he went back early because he has a performance the next day. The pretense of the celebrity. Haha. We also listened to Junsu's song in that place where all three gathered to celebrate after a long time.

- It must be unusual seeing Jaejoong as a soldier.
▶ It was a little bit amazing. I wanted to see him since he is not a person whom you can see any time. This is why it was fresh to be in one place with Jaejoong-ie hyung. We talked a lot. He also told me again and again to come as an active duty soldier.

- It seems like Junsu who will be left alone will be sad. Aren't you worried?
▶ Not at all. He'll do well. He's busy preparing for his concert and musical. I am rather jealous of Junsu. Don't you think that it's better to do a lot of work?

- Are you not worried of the two-year gap? The competition of the actors in their 20s is intense.
▶ I believe someone has a valid reason when it comes to being well. I respect that. I don't have any concern or worry about being left behind. I'm not very greedy, so I'm more worried of the people around me. I will also come down some time or another. I don't know if when will that time be, but I already received enough love. The opportunity was given to me and when I followed my luck, I was able to get more recognition as an actor, but I don't think about that seriously. Now, my greater joy is the pleasure about the work with also time to spare, and meeting people.

- You will be in your 30s after two years, so how do expect yourself during this time?
▶ I don't know if I will be able to meet everyone with some work, but first of all,  think should be ready on a lot of things. I also need to build my acting skills. Above all, if I live a life as myself, it seems that I can meet everyone with a better work. I want to live an ordinarily quiet life during the period of my military service. There will also be a time to look back at myself if you will think of it. If I know myself, when I stand in front of the camera when I return after two years, I think that it will be easier. Acting is really fun and happy.


Source: http://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=076&aid=0002794055
Translated by: paulisteu / aiwomotto.egloos.com


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