151024 XIA in Yokohama ments JYJ - 제이와이제이

First Ment
Junsu: Everyone, hello! This is Xia~ (breathes) Welcome to 2015 XIA's 4th Asia Tour in Yokohama! Everyone, have you been well? Have you been well? Oh... that's good! (laughs) Yaaaay!! Oh... I played soccer here! I think it's my first time to have a concert in a big place like this. It... gives a special feeling. I will work hard that much! The mood is good (laughs) Everyone also feels good! Isn't that wonderful? (laughs) Ah, the next song. I want to go change the atmosphere for a little bit. I'm going to do many things for the first time today... I've made albums until the third one. So in my stage... it will be the stage of Junsu who is showcasing everything! (laughs) Ah, I hope everyone will be looking forward until the end. Ah... Oh... The song that I will sing next... I'm singing this after a long time. Ha... Then, please listen to it. Even though I already know.

Second Ment
Junsu: Did you enjoy it? Oh... Now? This time, I was singing a song that was included in the new album. I used a wire for smooth movement, so did you like it? The song I just sang now is called, "The Tortoise and the Hare." The rabbit is apparently not fast, no? (Junsu laughed after asking if it's wrong that they're fast) Why is everyone laughing? Was it wrong? I wasn't talking in the right way? (laughs) Everyone, if you would become an animal, a certain animal, would that animal be pretty? ~the audience weren't able to understand it~ When you see it, your own face... If you would become an animal... How would you be like? Yes? Ah... Even if it's wrong now, I'm trying harder to do it.... Uhmmm... Every time. (laughs) Every time. (laughs) When I go like this to do a concert, it's the Japanese language where I receive the most pressure. The most difficult time is to do a ment like this in Japanese. I lived in Japan in the past... What, I was very good with words! (laughs) But, uhmm... Even though it's pressuring me now... Nevertheless, I'm especially trying hard to be an MC this time. (laughs) I did it for that, but the pressure... Ah... Whenever I come to Japan when I have a schedule where I meet everyone, I study Japanese. It's enough to learn from this stage (t/n: the stage itself, not a level lol). (laughs) Everyone, even though this time... Oh... Oh... I'm asking you until tomorrow. (laughs) Ah... I will return it with my power. (laughs) Oh, the next stage is also a new song. (Midnight Show)

Third Ment

Junsu: Was it enjoyable? Oh... Now... ~smiles~ It's No Reason... Oh... It's a song that carries the meaning of... "For you... it... doesn't have a meaning." (laughs) It doesn't have the same reason as to when you like someone? Then, that is the song in its meaning... (laughs) What should I say. (laughs) I'm going to do an oyaji gag also. So... (laughs) Ah, a person didn't change? Please don't forget that. Junchan-ie~ (laughs) What... My appeal, really... Ah, it's the time now when I will do a concert that is only for adults. It's the time when you'll see the real me... (laughs) Ah, this is embarrassing now. (laughs)

Genie Time
1st wish
From here, it's Junsu time! Yes, everyone, it's Genie Time from now on! I'm not a genie, but I will be receiving your wishes that I can do here~ Well, I'll do the first wish! Ah, because it's 2015.... I was called Charisma Junsu before, but it's Ero Junsu now. (laughs) What. No no, it's not like that. (laughs) Ah, I'm just a healthy man. I am 30 years old now. (laughs) Ah... Oh... Something someday. I will make a stage for 29-year-olds. I'll prepare. (laughs) Yes, with your loudest voice... Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes~ It's not a lie. I'll try to do it. (laughs) Ah, I played the role of L in the Deathnote musical in Korea. That song now... please listen. The game begins... Ah, but it's been really a long time when I last sang it. (laughs) While L is singing this song, he appeared. After 40 minutes... this show started. After 40 minutes. (laughs) Ah, it's because he continuously appeared in the 2nd act. (laughs) While doing Deathnote before, it ended with me being a guest for 55 times and what should I say to myself... It's a musical where I am grateful because of the thoughts that I didn't grew a little bit more as a musical actor by myself (t/n: but with their help?) (laughs)

2nd wish:
Junsu: Ah, the 2nd wish... Ah, what is it since I can't see it well. Ah, the green side... Yes, yes... Ah, if it's fine if I'll do this? This... What is this? This... What did you write? (a sketchbook) Ah... the best man! Thank you! (laughs) (Fans: The bunny ears too! Bunny ears!) Ah, I understand! ~wears the bunny ears~ This is also a song that I sang in my musical. This is a song from when I debuted as a musical actor for the first time... It's a song that I sang when I appeared earlier... in the musical, Mozart. Ah, the next song is from there. (laughs) I am Music.

3rd wish:
Junsu: Let's go to the last wish! The last! Ah, in the middle. In the middle. (laughs) Ah, that, that one. (laughs) Yes, yes. (laughs) What is it? Yes? No Gain? Ah... You don't have the lyrics of No Gain? Ah, yes yes yes yes. (laughs) Yes... Uhmm... Everyone, can you please a little bit of it? Star---to! ~fans singing~ Lalalalalala... Lalalaala... Ah, what is this... Yes, I'd sing it. It's been a long time since I sang this. 4 years? What, it's been 5 years... It's wrong also? I hope you'll forgive me.

[TALK] (T/N: There's an oyaji gag and idek if I translated it correctly LOL I don't understand it personally)
Junsu: Ah, while doing the nationwide tour before, it was a gag that can't be said by the stars. When you go to Ehime (prefecture), it is like Ehime, the princess that you can't just meet. (laughs) Nagashi Somen? The noodles are flowing (t/n: placed inside a long bamboo gutter with cold water) while you're eating it, and wow, Japan's culture is really good~~! (laughs) It's not a nationwide tour now, but I have a lot of good memories that time. Everyone, I hope you'll inform me of the specialties of the places here. I don't know a lot of the specialties around me compared to the staffs I have. (t/n: he has more staff than the specialties that he knows) Why was I thinking like that? I'll eat the things you'll give me, so~ (laughs) Eating of the famous food nationwide itself has become a precious memory. Yokohama's meat dumplings! Ah, the meat dumplings are from Nagoya? It's not? I'm sorry. (laughs)

Fourth Ment
The song I'm singing now is Backseat. This song... is a JYJ song. What... Oh... I've never tried singing the Japanese version even for once. So, I tried singing it while waiting for the members. (laughs) It was arranged with a mixed feeling of gospel and jazz. (laughs) Me and the other members of JYJ all became 30 now. (laughs) We're all adult men now~ (Fans: Ohhhh~~~) Is it weird coming from my lips that we're men? I'm a man until I die~ (laughs) What, telling the feels like this... Ah, there's still some from the audience who are not adults? Ah, still. (laughs) Everyone... When... Some years would pass when you'd be adults? Two years? Three years? Ah, you're still not an adult? Twe...twelve years old? You're 12 years old, but you are... tall... What did you do? Exercise? Yes? Ah... When I was playing soccer together with Love Misang this time... There was a feeling of acting better than what I was, but ah, I was also the best in running when I was a student. (shrugging) Before, have you tried going to the sports day for once together with everyone in a place like this? Ah... that's unfortunate. (Fans: Eh?) The timing of you guys doing "Ah~~ Eh~~~" was a little bit fast. I was surprised too. It's already the last song. Are you sad? What... This song isn't even done yet like... you've come this far.... When you are going to continuously shout in the next part, I'm going to come out. But if I don't hear your voices at the back, I'm not going to come out. As you know, my concert is now real. If everyone will not shout for "encore," I'm not going to go out! (laughs) Ah, Today has been different from the concerts until now. Originally, I always end it with a dance song, right? But, the title track this time is not like that, so it would feel different from the usual concerts I've had. The lyrics is similar to a love letter a man wrote for his lover. While thinking of the lyrics, please listen to it. Then, please listen everyone. Yesterday.

Last Ment
Are you having fun? Ah... What... Oh... I heard everyone's "encore! encore" from the backstage so I went out. Thank you. (laughs) It's my only nourishment... (laughs) I was able to do the encore stage thanks to everyone. (fans clapping) I feel really good for being able to sing and dance in a very big place like this. I think that I'm able to stand on a stage like this because of everyone. Every time I'm preparing for stages like this... Really... What should I say? The anxious feeling... it can't be formed. (t/n: i must not feel it). I can do it like this, but I still feel anxious. I think that I can do it because of the happy feelings everyone gave me. I'm always thankful. To myself, sort of... because I'm a singer, I will continuously work harder like this! It's my way of repaying everyone for the love and support that I receive. When I see myself dancing and singing on a stage such as this, I would work harder so I would be able to convey my thankful heart to you. The next song is really the last song. (Fans: Ehhh~) Ah, because the roads everywhere in this world are dangerous... It's dangerous in Korea and Japan also... Ah, with a feeling like this, I want to do this until the concert tomorrow... but the roads are dangerous! for! everyone! (laughs) It's inevitable~ (laughs) There are children in the audience, so some would be waiting while saying "My child~ haha~ when are you coming?" Everyone's parents would continuously say, "Ah... when is he/she coming back..." and are going to be worried! But, I certainly saw male fans today! Is it okay if I hear the voices of only the male fans? Before we go back to the last song? (laughs) Ah, then only the voices of the male fans... let me hear it! I'd know it? Only the male fans! Start! Oh... Well then, it's sad but... (laughs) Those in their 10s in the future, right? Can I hear your voices? I want to hear the voices of those who will be in their 10s. (laughs) Star----to! Ah, there's no people in their 10s in that place? The people there said, "I'm in my 10s." (laughs) When those in their 10s did it, anyway it was sad, but finally, those in their 20s~ (laughs)  Everyone from the top until their 20s, let's all try it for once! Star----to! Thank you! (laughs) Then...Everyone, the last song is the title track of my 3rd album. Please listen , this is Flower.

Source: withxia
English translation: paulisteu / aiwomotto.egloos.com
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