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TVXQ, this year's drama 'King of Exports'

TVXQ, that is currently in the military, was crowned in this year's drama as the "King of Exports."

Both TVXQ's Max Changmin and Uknow Yunho's terrestrial drama and web drama were sold with the highest amount this year in Japan.

Scholar Who Walks the Night (SWWTN), a drama where Max Changmin appeared before his enlistment, was reported to have signed a contract worth 140,000 dollars per episode.

SWWTN was accepted with the price of 2,800,000 dollars for a total of 20 episodes, and is scheduled to be aired thru the Japan Hallyu channels KNTV and DATV starting this coming December 26th.

KNTV, in order to personally hear Max Changmin's voice, will be airing this as the first Japanese-subtitled drama among the exported Korean dramas in Japan.

DATV is scheduled to air SWWTN's special fanmeeting, where Max Changmin came over to Yokohama, Japan before his enlistment, on the same day after KNTV airs it first episode.

SSWTN was aired thru MBC last July 8th until September 10th.

"I Order You," a drama where Uknow Yunho also appeared before his enlistment, was sold to Japan before it was broadcasted domestically.

This drama that was aired last July 5th thru Naver TV Cast was measured to had been exported for 3,500,000 dollars (about 390,000,000 won).

The exported content of webdrama episode that is about 15 minutes, the total of 16 episodes and 300-minute video (feature presentation 240 minutes + making, video 60 minutes) had a high price.

According to the broadcast officials, both Max Changmin and Uknow Yunho, recognized as Tohoshinki, were shown as the determining factor in exporting these dramas.

Even with the weakening situation of Hallyu in Japan, a high selling price would be possible thanks to the value of Tohoshinki's name.

In fact, even after the change of Tohoshinki into two people, it is still a group with a fandom that makes a high profit from the hallyu content.

Although there is a poor reality in the export of drama content all throughout Asia, signing for the publications right of these two's drama were done in an easy way.

One official commented, "Although Max Changmin and Uknow Yunho are currently having their military service, these two's fandom will not suddenly disappear. It will stand still from the face of hallyu that is not the same as before."


Source: http://m.media.daum.net/m/entertain/newsview/20151122155839409#miniViewer
Translation: paulisteu / aiwomotto.egloos.com


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