[TRANS] 151129 Xia in Nagoya D2 JYJ - 제이와이제이

Junsu: Welcome everyone to 2015 Xia 4th Asia Tour in Nagoya! Everyone, did! You! Miss! Me! Really... But I was thinking that everyone was here yesterday too. (Laughs) Actually, today is the last day of my concert in Japan. It's sad. (Laughs) Since it's really my last Japan concert, I'm planning to do it with all of my strength! Even if everyone will look forward to it, yosasouda [t/n: seems good, Junsu's line in Bigeast station]! You're all prepared to have fun, okay?!! I am too... Since this is the last concert! I'll work harder with more and more of my strength! Oh... It's still... Today is also hot. (Laughs) Ah, the staff today too for a smooth progress of the concert. (Laughs) My bodyguard has a nickname of Siki Siki and he has been working together with me for 5 years! Oh... Then after I gave Siki Siki that nickname, the audiences come with placards with "Siki Siki" written on it. I've seen it earlier too. (laughs) I wouldn't know whether it's your heart or what. This is Siki Siki whose face is neat and becoming increasingly more handsome. Again, Siki Siki... Right now! The song that I'm going to sing is where I'll be...appearing with this costume. Oh... Tortoise! It's the Tortoise and the Hare! I must say tortoise (kame), but a seagull (kamemo) often comes to my mind. (Laughs) Isn't a lover's and heart of your partner whom you love different from each other? With the Tortoise and the Hare like that... That... That... The lyrics of it has that attached to it. It's not that that person whom I particularly doesn't like likes me and I like that so much, but isn't it like whether that someone is thinking of me particularly? Then romance wouldn't be like it's similar to each other's hearts... And isn't it good if it becomes like that? Everyone, do you have a partner like that? (Fans: Junsu!!) Although everyone's saying that it's me... Then... All of you don't have boyfriends? (Fans: Nooone!) Wow... It's amazing. So, there's no married people here? (Fans: Noneee!) Then those who are planning to get married... Ah, everyone's just telling me to get married when I'm 77 on SNS... (Fan: Marry me!!!) How... How old are you? 18 years old? Then I would be arrested by the cops! (Another fan: Marry me!!) How old are you? 49 years old! What?? Is it because it's not important with your age to have a husband? The age is completely something I'm not concerned of. (laughs) (Male fan: Marry me!!) A man can't do it!!!!!! I'm from Korea. So even though you open only my lips for something that's related to romance, what is it!! I'll keep my mouth shut. Yes? What? Please say only one person!

Junsu: [Fans teaching Junsu about Japanese verbs] Ta? (Fans: Da!!) Ta? (Fans: Da!!!) A?? (Fans: DA!!!!!!) Daresaremashita [t/n: who did it. Not sure if it's correct]...? Yes? It's wrong? Ah... This is difficult. Dama... Oh... Slowly... Dama... Sareta? [t/n: passive form of I have been deceived] It's not said like this? I said it in a wrong way? Ah... I knew that I said it correctly. I'm sorry. Ah, Japanese is really difficult. When I learned Japanese for the first time, it's really easy remembering it! It has the same sentence construction with Korean. As expected, it's the same compared to when I am learning English or Chinese. I was thinking that I'm far more comfortable with memorization! It's really difficult when the content becomes deeper. Then, this is our conversation. Yes. Until the last day today, I think that Japanese...is a little bit hard. Together, let's make the correct sentences on stage! ~fans clapping~ 

Junsu: Then, I would sing the next song now. Midnight Show. Was it fun? Everyone today has really been... How should I say it... Passionate. Wow. Yesterday was amazing also, but today is really not a joke! It's really great, so when I'm not going to work harder now... No!!! (laughs) Everyone today has conveyed their very energetic feels. Why is it like that... How were you able to be energetic like this! Ah, you had hitsumabushi? (laughs) Ah, I didn't eat that today, but I did yesterday. The biggest size!! I ate that. Did you eat it too yesterday? I was singing yesterday with the power of hitsumabushi. Everyone's support that I've received today from yesterday's concert, I'm working now with that feeling in order to not be a liability to everyone. I'm going to work hard!

Junsu: I'm performing from Nagoya now, but how many percent of the people who are here are living in Nagoya? Those who are really from Nagoya? Oh... There wasn't that many? How about those who are from Tokyo? Ah, there are those who came from Hiroshima, too!!! Hiroshima's tsukemen is good! Hiroshima is famous for its Tsukemen, right? The audience who did "ehhhhhh~," Hiroshima is really famous for its Tsukemen, yes? Tepanyaki, too! For Ehime... it's Nagashi Soba! Eh??? Ah, it's not soba, but it's somen! Nagashi Somen is from Ehime? Ahhh... Why don't you know it!!! That is from everywhere in Japan? Amazing! I see then... Ah, but I'm still curious. Are there people here right now who are thinking of "I came here from a far place just for today's concert!"? Ah, where are you from? Korea? What!! You're Korean!! If there's a Korean here right now!! Ah, only if I had this conversation in Korea also? The people who came to Korea who are from the farthest places are from Australia, USA, and America. Like that. I'm really thankful to those who came here from far places. (Silence) Yes! And then? (Laughs)

Junsu: Ah, it's called Junsu time now, but this corner is also called "Genie Time!" I'm explaining a little bit about this stage to those who came here for the first time today. It's possible in this stage... Seriously. (laughs) I will receive everyone's wishes! I'm like a genie! This corner's going to start now. I really don't know if what will come out, so this is the "real" corner. Ah... I'm... definitely... a little bit nervous! This is the time. (laughs) Those who are here for the first time? It's your first time? Ah, it's not. You came here again. Towel, it's the towel that I will remember! It's your first time? Ah. This is really the feeling of coming here for the first time. There is this atmosphere! Is there any occasion? Ah, your mom!! Ah, so is it like you didn't really want to come, but you did because of your mom? You're in the closest seat in the middle right now. How does it feel? I'll do well. Thank you. 

Junsu: [Genie time 1st wish] It's a song from my musical. For the first time. (laughs) This is definitely one of the songs that I really like. Oh... Loving you keeps me alive. Ah, it's from the previous official site. (laughs) I thought that information was posted on the website. With Dracula from January next year for about two weeks... (laughs) It has been decided that I'm going to play again that. This is a song from that musical. If I should do Dracula first, if I should not do it, I would listen to this song when I'm worrying. I was thinking that isn't it really great that I would be able to sing this song on stage? Ah somehow, I did sing it until the end. (laughs) Originally, I was planning to sing a short part only. Ah, doing it in order to sing just a short part... when I sing this song... I sang everything because I can't stop myself. (laughs) Yes, yes, yes. That one. I'm called as Xia. (Fans: What? What? Junsu is cute!) Who is that person who said Junsu is cute? Calling me "cute Junsu" right now... I'm 30 years old! But, this is a musical song... It is! I want to do this musical in Japan, too! (laughs) I really want to do it. I will try do it someday in front of everyone in a Japanese concert hall. If it's possible, I'll also do it in Japanese. (laughs) [Genie Time 2nd wish] This song is called "Gold Star." Gold star~ [t/n: said in english] What is it in Japanese? Yes? Goldu Hoshi? [t/n: hoshi = star] King Hoshi? [t/n: Gold star] Yes, I understand. (laughs) This song is from the musical called Mozart. It's my debut musical. (laughs) It's not a song that I sang, but I real;y like it. I'll sing a short part of it. [Genie Time 3rd wish] Then! This is the last! This is the last. I'll do it in front of you. What do you like? This? To dance? Ah. As a matter of fact, do I remember this dance? I tried to do it earlier. I can't remember it. I forgot everything! Ah, you just listened to a lot of good songs! What should I do? I don't remember it well. You can't say that! (Fans: Dance! Dance! Dance) Ah, I really can't remember that dance. First of all, you have chosen this. So... I'll try to do it. Oh... this song. This is a song from a musical. It's not from my musical, though. This song is from my first ballad and musical concert. Something more [t/n: title of the song]... I'm going to sing it. (Sang it for the first time) Ah, I'd sing it again. It was a failure. It's really hard. I'll do it as a challenge again! (sings it) Why is my heart like this... Why is it going like this again and again... (sings it again) Because it's been a long time since I did it, I don't remember the verse well. It's originally a duet song. A man and woman would come out. Uhmm, it's changed now. I'll be singing this alone. But, I don't remember it well. It's not okay. (laughs) It's weird! (Fans: One more wish! One more wish! One more wish!) Oh, everyone. I've never tried four wishes in Yokohama and Korea. So... (laughs) Today... because it's the last day! Should I do one more? Ah, there are people who attended the Yokohama concert? I did four wishes there, but isn't that supposed to be a secret? (laughs) But, I did three earlier and it's weird! I can't do it! (laughs) What do you want me to do then? Should I do something that you like? A CD was given earlier. Ah... Really... This is really real... I'm facing a real stage like this... Junsu's stage. That CD is something ordinary? Oh... When it's played... The video can't be... It's not an adult [video]. (laughs) Ah, it's a medley of JYJ songs, but I forgot most of it... [Genie Time 4] Intoxication's dance! Everyone, was it enjoyable? Well, until this time. This is the end of genie time. Although it wasn't perfect... I'm think that I am able to exchange hearts with everyone in a time like this. I'm going to try to sing again. With the feeling of everyone wandering in the universe. (laughs) Please listen to this song with the feeling of... As if you're listening to this somewhere with an uneasy hear. Then, please to it. Uncommitted. [After Uncommitted] I SAY NA, YOU SAY GOYA. I SAY HITSU, YOU SAY MABUSHI. Thinking of two people who are working for their country... I was singing it while longing for them. Everyone, please think of two people too when you listen to this song. (laughs) On this stage today~ I'll try to sing it with a gospel feeling.

Junsu: How was it? Yes in Yokohama too~ Singing this song and.. (laughs) saying bad things about the members. It's today. I'm not going to say it! I can't decide if I will talk about this. (laughs) Ah, talking about the good points of the members? Ehhh~ There are a lot of good things about them~ Having a wide forehead also... Ah, I'll try to talk about my face then. My face... Uhmmm... Please don't get me wrong when I say it badly. I'm not completely handsome. Oh... I'm thinking of my face is not that bad. (laughs) Would it be fine if I talk about it proudly? Since it's my stage, I'll lose my original intention and try to talk about it? My face is a little bit ordinary... Uhmm... I'm not handsome, but... When thinking of "boyfriend," oh... I'm thinking that it's a face that isn't bad and hard to approach. (laughs)

Junsu: Ah, are you having fun, everyone? I saw earlier that there were quite a lot of male audiences in the 2nd and 3rd floor. I was really surprised. (Male fans: Junsuuuuu!!) YAHHH! Ah, Can I hear first only the voices of the male audience? One, two, three! (shouts) Amazing!!! Why... did you come here? For me, I really like male fans. (Fans: Ehhh!!!) Everyone...? That can't be helped. Please think of it. It's rare for me. Why!!! For what reason did you come? I want to know! I'm having these thoughts right now. But, I feel very good. When the male fans say "JUNSUUUU!!!!," it's really powerful. Because it's rare for men to attend a concert of male artists, I'm really thankful. Because of that, please understand my curiosity of why did you come here. I also like a lot the female audience, of course!

Junsu: When the three of us meets, those two [t/n: Jaejoong and Yoochun] really drink the most expensive drink. But since I don't drink... (sigh) Yes? If I eat food? Ah, but no matter what food it is, even if you eat something expensive... you become sober~

Junsu: There's a meaning why I also like those in their 10s. It's because it's rare to meet audience who are from this age in a concert. Ah, but when I talked about liking those in their 10s, the expression of the people in front of me... (laughs) When I investigate about your ages, it's just from 10s until 60s. The normal people in their 10s! Even if it's like this, the expression of the people in front of me is real. It's like this -> -__-. It comes out in order!!! I'm not really concerned about the fans' age. Really. The heart is more important. Please believe me. (laughs

Junsu: Everyone, this is really the last day. There's really this power it it. It's awesome! Today in Japan... Oh, this year, today will be Junsu's last stage in Japan. The end is coming. When my 3rd album came out... When I started my first tour... That time, it was decided before that there will be various activities this year for me. Likewise, I had a lot of uneasy feelings. Yet every year, that uneasy feeling disappears. For taking those away, my heart is really thankful. Ah, this is an oyagi gag. I want to do a new one. I can't think of anything. I did a lot of oyaji gags on various TV shows thanks to everyone. But, there's a lot of pressure in it compared to singing and dancing. There was also a case when my voice touched everyone thanks to doing oyaji gags...? [2/n: not really sure with what he's saying] When I think of that, I'm very thankful and it's also a precious memory. There are a lot of good memories in Japan. Having Nagashi Somen also... There are a lot of various good memories. Ah, Fukuoka? Tai Tai? That's right. That's a good memory. I've tried making Hitsumabushi in Nagoya, too. I seriously made Takoyaki! I just made it into balls. Yes, We Are! in Universal Studios Japan! We are! I've tried singing it as One Piece's theme song. Ah... There are a lot of memories coming out. Then, the memories too, all memories with everyone. Ah, yes, A-nation too. It doesn't matter if it's anywhere. Even now, even during that time, my heart is really thankful. Accepting from everyone that time... it's unchanging... I say it every time. Me. Until the time I continue with everyone's hearts... Ah, I don't think it's going to be forever. But, it's like going with that mind. I can't say right now that I want it to be forever, but each year... Continuing with this heart... it's been 6 years already. That heart gradually becomes bigger. It's becoming strong. For always... Uhmm... Even saying that there's no heart like that... This would be the last time I'm going to come. However, the lonely feeling hasn't come. Everyone who is currently here. Whether the heart finishes in the old days, uhmm... It's not. It's gonna be the end now. It wouldn't be a problem. I'm thinking that it's a miracle to have come until here. I will always think like that.

Junsu: I wasn't able to sing on broadcast for the last 6 years in Korea. There's nothing but an artist like me. But even if it's in Korea, Japan or other countries, I'm thinking that it's really a miracle that everyone comes and gathers like this [for me]. So... Oh... I can't do it myself. I'm thankful to the love you have given me until now, and I want to repay you for it. Was I able to convey my heart properly to you right now? To everyone who comes to continuously listen to my songs... Wherever that place is. Whatever hall or wherever it is, my heart who wants to sing continuously doesn't care. Becoming like a certain artist... In the old days, how will I become like this! Let's be on top! I was thinking like that. Right now, I'm thinking of how to go down [t/n: from what I am now??? not sure]. Really. It's now. I want this to be a stage where I can return all the love I've received until now. Even if it's in a smaller place. No matter how many times I say it, I want to tell everyone how thankful I am for them. My heart that is thankful will not change. Until the time I'll be able to stand on stage~ I will work hard to be an artist who will be able to show his own self and a perfect stage. Thank you so much. Everyone, I know that you're feeling sad. (laughs) So, let's meet again next time! (laughs) Ah, yes, yes. Definitely... Uhmm... A long time ago...? I'm thinking of saying that I will come back. So, be assured and as expected everyone, the night has come. Oh... Nagoya is also dangerous! Please be careful when you go home. You can't go around because the night is "beautiful." Do you understand? So, next time again, when we meet quickly! Bye bye! Thank you so much! [Junsu came back] Everyone who came here to see me, please watch Dracula! Bye bye!

Any mistakes are mine.

cr: withxia
English translation: paulisteu // aiwomotto.egloos.com


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