[TUTORIAL] How to create a daum email + join TVXQ's fancafe, Yuaerubi (161229) OT5

I've always wanted to make an updated tutorial of how to join Yuaerubi, TVXQ's fan cafe, via Daum email. I get upset whenever I see them losing members, so I hope international fans can register too because it's really easy! ^^


1. Go to http://cafe.daum.net/soul48 and click 카페 가입하기 (Cafe registration).

2. Click 회원가입 (Member registration). You can also register/login via Kakaotalk, so if you're using your mobile phone and have a kkt account, you can also choose this.

3. Check all the boxes and click 동의하기 (Agree).

4. Put all your information here. Click the blue button after you're done.
** Phone number rule: 1. Can register once a day using the same phone number; 2. Can register two accounts per month using the same phone number

5. Check all your information then click the blue button.

6. Cafe registration! Answer the question (it's very easy, c'mon) and click 확인 (confirm).

7. Check the box and provide all the information needed below. Click 가입 (register) after you're done.

8. Congrats! You finally made an account in Yuaerubi. If you want to browse the cafe, wait for the email/notification from he admin. ^^


  • xiaxia 2017/01/04 02:34 # 삭제 답글

    it is going to sound so crazy
    but is jaejoong had nose job before discharged from military?
    why i feel like that?
    someone tell me that im wrong,please
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