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Kim Jaejoong, he came back

We met Kim Jaejoong, who still has his young boy image, on a quiet street in Australia. On this special day with his natural and simple looks.

It's your first photo shoot with Cosmo. What was the first thing that came to your mind when you heard that you will be working with Cosmo? So, what comes to your mind when you hear the word "Cosmo"?
Jaejoong: I was thinking that Cosmo's unique color sense and the atmosphere during the photo shoot were both good. It was my first time working with Cosmo, but I was expecting that Cosmo would show well my looks together with the various landscapes of Australia. As expected, I am satisfied because it seems that it will come out well-- with the feeling of Cosmo style.

For Kim Jaejoong, did Australia, where you had a photo shoot this time, became a place that inspired you on something?
Jaejoong: Australia is a place where the city and nature comes together. Of course, this is not a photo shoot of natural scenery, but I am hoping that everyone who will look at it will feel this charm of Australia. While filming, Australia felt like a "healing place" for me. I felt recharged while having this vacation since it has been so long since I fully enjoyed this kind of freedom.

Even though you have travelled many times abroad for world tour etc., do you frequently have your personal travel? What is the "purpose of travelling" for Kim Jaejoong?
Jaejoong: I've travelled to a lot of countries around the world for world tours, but honestly, I can only count on my fingers the times when I left for personal trips. I rarely plan ahead of time. When I have an unexpected spare time, I just leave without a definite plan most of the time. Rather than travelling for a specific purpose, I think it's okay to say that travelling is similar to the small happiness that you get unexpectedly.

From fan meetings to concert preparations, you've been running breathlessly as soon as you got discharged. This Australia trip, somehow, can also be your "first trip after your discharge." Is there something that you really wanted to do alone during the remaining time after the photo shoot ends?
Jaejoong: I don't particularly have anything in mind. I just wanted to enjoy a little bit of freedom like eating when I want to eat and sleeping when I want to sleep. Haha. But, it seems that I was able to do anything that I wanted to do this time in Australia. That's why I gained 2 kg...

You were in your 30s when you were in the army. People usually say that you having a lot of time to think is your advantage, not the advantage of the army. What were your thoughts when you changed again from your 20s to 30s while in there? Were there a lot of times when you contemplated on something? And how did you find the solution for that?
Jaejoong: Honestly, I needed time to adapt in there. It's an unfamiliar environment not only for me, but for everyone as well. Still, my life pattern was awkward and difficult at first since I had a lot of differences with the other soldiers, including, of course, the age. Though that was just for a while. I was able to adapt in no time and it felt like I became healthier physically and mentally while having fun. On the other hand, I had worries, too. The world will continuously change during 1 year and 9 months, so I wondered if I will be able to adjust again after I come back. But, I saw that the world didn't change when I got discharged and it was only me who changed. Huhu. I guess I was just worried about nothing.

What is your biggest change during the last two years?
Jaejoong: Essentially, I don't think I changed at all. It was that I experienced the army life that I didn't know well before? There is something that left a big episode in my life. If I say it, that episode is something that I can talk about all night for one month.

Not long ago, the tickets for your concert were sold out in one minute. You won by a landslide the Asian Popularity Award on Golden Disk Awards. Despite having a gap caused by military service, how do you feel when you see your fans showing their unwavering trust and love for you?
Jaejoong: Simply thank you. It's because my fans are the ones who always make me shine. The fans are my light and the warmth that gives me life.

If you will secretly tell your future plans to the fans who are looking forward to your activities?
Jaejoong: After Seoul, I started my Japan tour in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya. I plan to meet my fans in Hong Kong, Thailand, Macau, and Taiwan this March. When my Asia tour ends, I will greet them with a good work. I hope that it will be something where I will be able show my different sides.

While looking at your past interviews, I got the impression that you are a straightforward person. The style that once you believe you are right and set on a specific direction, you just go straight ahead to that direction. Some people say that you have a carefree attitude when you live like that, but when you live honestly, you also have a lot to lose. Have you ever thought about this?
Jaejoong: If you have a life where can do whatever you want, I think that it wouldn't be that fun. I also don't want to live a calculated life. Since there are a lot of chances in front of us, I think we live by getting worried and excited about tomorrow. I want to live by using all the emotions that we can feel, so I'm going to do my best to live like that.

Last question. What kind of person does Kim Jaejoong want to be?
Jaejoong: Someone who changes, but is still the same person. It may be contradicting when you listen to it, but there's a reason as to why it's like that. I will change, but I will always be in the same place. I want to be that person. For anyone.


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